Annoying droning noise from new Worcester boiler (updated)

if the noise is more louder during windy times then I suspect the droning noise is created via the flue can only suggest fitting a plumeing deviceto flue exit
regards greenever
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We have had a boiler installed about 14 months ago. Now when it come on, with the central heating and the hot water, it seems to vibrate and resonate, then stops. It does this quite often but randomly. What could be causing the vibrations. It has recently started to do this, it did not do it when it was installed

Get a service carried out.
I wasn't sure how to post a new thread (duh) but wanted to share with anyone having the same problem as us.
Today we had our 4th engineer visit (our Worcester boiler is insured) to sort out an intermittent droning noise coming from our boiler. We have had parts changed, we've bled radiators, turned rads up/down, pressure dials down, had system drained, you name it but the problem remained.
Today, the guy said instantly that he knew what it was. He changed the internal settings, to do with the 'low burner' and it stopped. To prove his point he put the settings back to how they were when he arrived and it started again.
The settings are inside the boiler so us lay people wouldn't know they exist, apparently the problem is to do with the settings when the leaves the manufacturer. Our guy rang Worcester and double-checked what the settings should be. So, for those who are experiencing the problem or are asked to investigate, I hope this helps
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Hey Guys,

I have this problem on my Worcester Bosch 34cdi and so far had 3 engineers out who haven't been able to help. I know these boilers are supposed to be almost silence when running as lots of owners on various forums report this.

The boiler is in the attic above my daughters room and when it comes on In the morning it wakes her up. With what sounds like the pump, it's a sort of high pitch drone at first then it settles down eventually but still loud. From memory I'm getting around 70-80 decibels up at the boiler (using an iPhone app.)

The last engineer said it was the pipes vibrating on the attic floor boards but i have since changed all the clips to rubber lined ones and it still makes the noise.

I explained to the engineer that people like yourself have reported a setting being switched off like low burner but they have no idea what I'm talking about. All they say they can do it adjust the pump speed but this make the boiler less efficient.

Someone on another forum reported turning off a redundant stepper motor?

Does anyone know what exactly to say to the engineer to get this issue fixed?
What needs to be done depends on what the problem is.

People adding their own situations to an old thread only make it worse and totally confusing to anyone reading without experience of boilers.
Well if a Worcester boiler is actually faulty, rather than just out of adjustment, then the installer should call for a warranty visit.

On the very rare case that a new boiler I am fitting has a faulty component, then I will fit the replacement to save time if the manufacturer will send it to me.


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