Anybody tried recovering iPhone data?

28 Dec 2008
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United Kingdom
Long story short: I have an iPhone, not synced to cloud, smashed screen which used to type numbers into the password field itself... Which then caused phone to lock me out repeatedly until the only way into the phone (apparently) would be a factory reset and new screen.

I have thousands of photo memories on there.

Phone won't connect to iTunes in its current state.

Apparently it may be possible to factory reset it from iTunes (or 3rd party software) then run a deleted data recovery on it, from a recovery app, as no new data will have been written to it, just a rewrite of existing Os apps and settings.

Anyone tried recovering "deleted" data after a factory reset?
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Isn't the whole idea of a factory reset to make every bit of data that was entered into the phone irrecoverable? Otherwise every second hand phone ever sold on would leave all that data vulnerable.
True, which is why as I understand it, the only way to properly wipe a device is to write a load of random data, 1s or 0s to it to overwrite all previous data. Otherwise blocks of data is just marked as 'available for use' and looks empty within the OS.
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You will find a load of software on the Internet claiming to do this for you. Nine times out of ten it will either not work or it will install crap on to your computer. thing would be to take it to a specialist. But you will probably end up paying quite a bit!
If the pics etc mean a lot to you then i would suggest paying for them to be extracted and backed up.
What a load of crap, think I'll start buying up s/h iPhones off eBay and start recovering all the data from them.
Edit: sorry just realised you said not backed up

Does iphone not automatically back up stuff to icloud or something?
My second-hand phones get smashed with a lump hammer and chisel, then stuck in a brazier with the garden waste.
Good luck with getting anything off them after that.
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