Anyone in motor insurance game? help req

20 Nov 2006
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United Kingdom
My daughter is a young driver and has an excess of £500. She was hit from behind while stopped at the lights and now has a cracked bumper, dent in tailgate and broken number plate.
My daughter rang her own insurance company who promised to call back, but have not and its been six weeks now.

The lady who hit her has not reported it to her insurers, so my daughters insurance cannot pursue the claim??.
They have told my daughter to pay the £500 herself and get the car fixed and then claim it back, but my daughter has not got the £500.

I think they are trying to fob her off and she is going to make a complaint to trading standards.
Is this norm for a insurance company?
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You can pursue the claim regardless of the other party not informing their insurance, it just takes a little longer.

Get your daughter to call the insurance company back, they may be trying to pursue the claim if the other person has not contacted their insurance already and hence the delay.
your daughter can write to the other driver to say she is claiming against her.

It is then up to that other driver to decide whether to pay out of her own pocket or forward the claim to her insurers.

No reason why your daughter shouldn't claim for the entire cost of the repairs (not just the £500). Probably once the insurers get involved they will agree something between themselves.
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Thanks for the replies....forgot to mention that the other driver did say she would pay fro the damage privately but when my daughter called her she was very elusive to say the daughter has got all her details but she and myself thought once you informed your insurance company they will take it from there,how wrong we was....meanwhile my daughter who is a student is driving around in a damaged car through no fault of her own and expected to pay £500 out of her pocket to put it right..... these insurance companys are full of hot air and good at taking your cash,,,but fart and you are on your own
the other driver did say she would pay fro the damage privately
so your daughter should write to her with a copy of the repairer's estimate and say she is claiming the entire cost of repair plus out-of-pocket expenses such as alternative transport costs during repair.

Say that she drove into the back of a stationery car and admitted liability and agreed to pay for the repairs.

Keep the letter short.

Sent it recorded or registered.

If she does not agree to pay, or agrees and then doesn't, use the Small Claims Court. If she says anything on the phone, take notes of what was said, read them back to her, and send a written copy of the notes, recorded or registered. She might try to back out.

You want the other driver to be aware that this is not going to go away, and that you are not going to leave it so long that she can dispute facts and say you have got it wrong.
can't understand why you left it six weeks.
you should of reported it least then they will do the checking and chasing.
JOHN D are right she will have to go through the small calims court but I hope it didnt have to go this route and as I said before I thought the insurance would take care of these problems............................
She never left it six weeks but thats how long this saga has been going on for
does her insurance cover legal costs if so not a problem.
long as you have given all the details from the other women to your insurance they'll chase it.
it their duty to write to the women if you have paid for legal cover

but as many people what the car's but skimp on the insurance.
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