ARGHHHHHHH bloody curtain rail - can't hang it up

Discussion in 'Windows and Doors' started by redrabbit, 26 Aug 2012.

  1. redrabbit


    16 Oct 2010
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    I'm a complete DIY novice and I'm having issues with my living room curtain rail.

    The window is about 2 metres in width, and I have a curtain rail to hang and long curtains to install on to it.

    My dad helped when he visisted by drilling it into the wall. We could only drill about 2 inches into the wall, and then hit metal so can't go any f urther. We hung it. It looked great, then the next day fell down.

    I eventually bought a 2.5 metre piece of wood. I drilled holes into it, about 8 of them evenly spaced along it.

    I drilled the wood into the wall as far as it would go and then screwed the curtain rail into the wood and it seemed very strong. About 2 hours later though ti again fell out and took a bit of plaster with it - only a bit. The wall seems fine, not crumbly or anything so I don't know what else to do.

    Additionally, the wall is a bit wonky, as in you put the wood against it, and it sits nicely on it, but in the central part there is a small gap as the wall curves outwards, don't think this would cause any major issue.

    I'm stuck now, fed up and ****ed off. I just wanna hang up my curtains and seems so stupid that I can't.

    Any ideas?!
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  3. kingandy2nd


    29 Jan 2008
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    United Kingdom
    Are you using rawlplugs or screwing directly into the wall surface? Have you drilled the holes the appropriate size for the rawlplugs?

    Assuming you've drilled 2 inches are you using 2 inch screws (or longer when you added the piece of wood)?

    Do you know whether you're drilling through plaster/render or into brick?

    Are you sure that you hit metal after 2 inches? If so, I would be worried about what you struck - was it a buried pipe that could be damaged?? Or was an unsuitable drill/drill bit being used and you've hit the brick?

    Use 6mm rawlplugs and a 6mm masonary drill bit. If you continue to use the piece of wood, once drilled you could also add some 'no more nails' to the back of it before screwing it in to add extra support.
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