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4 Sep 2014
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United Kingdom
We have had a bad sewer snell in the kitchen and bathroom for a couple of months now. It tends to come and go. Just some history first ... Around 17yrs ago a mate did some bathroom work, but couldn't finish it, so I got a local plumber in. He thought it would be a good idea to lop off the internal soil pipe and leave it open under the bath. I got him back to fix but it was never quite right. (Actually tried to claim he didn't do it......) The soil stack is internal and is also boxed in the corner of the kitchen, where it comes down and enters the sewer. We have the bathroom fully revamped 10yrs ago, and the plumbers fitted a proper AAV to the top of the stack under the bath. It's been fine generally until a couple of months ago, we get bad smells in the bathroom and kitchen, where the soil pipe is. I've had a plumber out, who was really good to be honest and replaced the AAV with a better quality, but noted the pipe isn't to regs, and is not as far above drains as it should be, but there's no leeway to alter it. Unfortunately the smells have returned, mainly when using the shower.... He can't get out again till later next week but wondered if anyone on here had any ideas that I could try and look at till then. I could open up the box work along the whole length to examine the soil stack directly but not sure what this would tell me. I think it smells in the kitchen as there is an entrance point in the boxing for the kitchen radiator pipes. I've tried sealing this, but it's not helping and it's not really solving the underlying issues.
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Ok. What would blockage cause smells if traps still have water in them. Wouldn't the new AAV stop air coming out. Sorry if I'm sounding thick....
Pulled up 1 manhole cover that's not connected to soil pipe directly, no idea where that cover is, but the 1 I pulled up is for wastewater from kitchen sink, dishwasher etc. It's around 2/3 full of dirty stinking brown water.. Called United utilities, and as it's a shared drain on their plans, they are coming to sort
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Thanks, will do. Still unsure why the smells would come up soil pipe, when problems seem to be in waste water drain, unless it's further down where soil and wastewater join (if they do). I've got an odd setup with bathroom drainage down Soil pipe, and kitchen drains to external drain and then into the part that's full of foul smelling water. Anyhow, at least it's not costing me anything just yet......
It's so full of water it's obscuring the inlet from the kitchen drain. Surprised it's not started backing up and overflowing the drain next to house where waste water drains to
UU have been out and sorted it. It was roots from next doors bushes that had worked their way into drain. Must have been going on for ages. Anyhow roots cleared out, and drain running free. There are some more roots further down in other sides garden, but we can't locate cover. UU say it's 9 1/2 m from my cover. These roots are dangling in but not causing an issue. UU guys said they couldn't cut them as they were dangling. If we can't locate cover, is there any other way of getting rid of them
Also smell has completely gone from house now

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