Bank/BS Phone scam

1 Aug 2008
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United Kingdom
I've had a couple messages left on the answerphone this morning claiming to be from the (unintelligible)......building society. I checked the number and found this.
Scam Automated Phone Calls From "Natwest" Or "Nationwide"

Kent Trading Standards has received a report of repeated unsolicited automated telephone calls claiming to be from NatWest bank and Nationwide building society. The telephone calls are received from 0845 3312530.

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The automated message states the consumer’s name and claims that the caller has important information about their NatWest/Nationwide credit card account. The consumer is then asked to confirm their date of birth.

They are then told that their account is in arrears and that a sum of £25 must be paid immediately to avoid fines being incurred. The consumer is told to have their debit card to hand and asked if they would like to pay this amount or an alternative amount.

Both NatWest and Nationwide have been contacted and confirmed that the telephone number is not connected to them and they have not made these calls. This is a scam.

Even selecting an option may cost you money and will also let the caller know that you are responsive to the call, which may result in further unsolicited telephone calls/texts from the caller and/or other companies.

Kent Trading Standards is warning the public to be very wary of these types of telephone calls. If you have concerns about your credit card account you should contact your bank directly via their telephone number (which can be found on the back of your credit card, on their website etc) or go into your local branch. Never provide personal information or bank details over the telephone unless you know for sure who you are talking to.

To report any concerns or similar incidents please call Trading Standards via Consumer Direct on 0808 156 2256.
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