24 Oct 2006
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United Kingdom
I had two scams in 3 days, the first was on Monday when an Asian gentleman with an International phone ID telephoned asking for me by name and said he was representing Visa and Barclaycard and did I know I had now gained in excess of 300 points, I wish I had let him carry on and explain what I had to do to get whatever the 'Prize' was however I stopped him there and said , pardon me how can you possibly be representing two completely different companies who are in competition with each other. He said no I had misunderstood him.... I said no I think you have misunderstood, I don't get points on my card account I get cashback so you are obviously completely bogus.....the phone fell silent and he said oh ok and hung up.

The second one is an email I received today, I have had them before for lot of American banks but never the Natwest

What a shame they still have not learnt to spell properly
Account Reveiw.

Wednesday, 28 October, 2009 3:03 PM

"National Westminster Bank plc ©" <[email protected]>
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National Westminster bank has been receiving complaints from our customers
for unauthorized use of their Natwest Online accounts. As a result we periodically review Natwest Online Accounts and temporarily restrict access of those accounts which we think are vulnerable to unauthorized use.

This message has been sent to you from National Westminster Bank because we
have noticed some invalid login attempts into your account, due to this we are temporarily limiting and restricting your account access until we confirm your identity.

To confirm your identity and avoid limitations to your online banking access please
click on the button below:


National Westminster Bank is committed to ensure the safeguard of each customer's personal information, making sure only authorized individuals have access to their accounts. It is all about your security. Accounts Management As outlined in our User Agreement, Natwest will
periodically send you information about site changes and enhancements.
Visit our Privacy Policy and User Agreement if you have any questions.

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Had exactly the same email. Didn't even read it because of the crap spelling and the minor fact that I don't even have a Natwest account. :LOL:
I agree that any such email is always bogus, but I'm interested as to what spelling mistakes you found, because I cant see any?
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i get them all the time including the above which arrived around 3 months ago.
so far i have had
barclays, nat west, lloyds, alliance leicester and nationwide to name a few
unfortunately for the scammers i rarely ever even open them as i don't use online banking.

had the emergency services scammers again yeseterday, just said you're con merchants and hung up!
Say they send this email to 10,000,000 (Ten Million) email accounts. If they get a success rate of just 0.01% that's 1000 people. If they stung them for £250 on average each, then that is £250,000. A report in 2007 suggested a success rate of 3% for phishing scams, so lets do the maths again.

This time we'll send our mail to just 1,000,000 people. We'll look at a success rate of just 1% (Lets assume that more people are clued up these days) That's still 10,000 hits. Even if you only sting them for £50 each that's still a whopping £500,000 return.

This is why these emails persist, 'cause they earn shed loads. Anti phishing software is always going to be playing catch up with the scammers. There is no better preparation than being clued up.
I got one for Halifax once. Never been near a branch of Halifax, never mind online banking. I do bank online with HSBC and A&L.

It looked very convincing, proper logos and the style of the formatting was very convincing. However, clearly the fact I dont bank with Hx was one alarm bell, but Norton Phishing toolbar started flashing and warning me. :LOL: I entertained the link to "their website", clicked it, and then it went bonkers, a big window popped up, this is a known phishing site etc.

I think more people these days will fall for these scams because of the downturn in the economy, nobody wants to be restricted with their money.
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