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Just be aware, i have had an email from my bank, asking me to go to link given, and to enter my deatils, i know its from my bank because it says so, and has their logo , the web address is my bank....... so it must be genuine?

OH NO IT ISNT its a scam going to get youto give your deatils if you get one infrom your bank, i did and they are now aware and are looking into it.


Credit card co, is calling with your details (they give you some good sounding but fake reference) they say have you brought a xyz from xyz town (they know you havent) at an extortionat price, they then say they will refund you the money, it will be on your next statement (so far so good)
they then ask you to prove you are the card holder, so pleasegive last 3 digits of you security code to veryfy it is you, you have now been scammed.

the credit card company already knows EVERYTHING THAT IS ON THE CARD SINCE they issued it.

so if you get a call claiming to be from yyour cc co, tell them its a nice day and hang up. credit card companies do not call and ask for your details

you have been warned
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Called Phishing, just ignore them all, if its important, they (the bank) 'll write. Also choose a good email address like [email protected] instead of your name, and you'll significantly reduce the amount of spam. I get load sadly due to an easily guessable email address.
That's what you get for being called "Dave Smith" ;)

They are very clever at disguising the URL in phishing scams, I had one but I had two things in my favour:

1) I am c**p at correspondence, so would have waited until they were sending me letters begging me to do whatever it was before even really acknowledging it

2) I knew that banks don't send out e-mails demanding you to log in to your bank account.

Funny how slang words can change their meaning, just 4 or 5 years ago "Phishing" meant going to see a concert by the band "Phish". :LOL:
Gentlemen .. I have pointed out a decent security site, look at the right sidebar for IE6 there are usually tests on a variation of the scam mentioned, also note that Firefox and Opera 7.6 Browsers are patched against another type of this scam and most all the stuff which M$ is vulnerable to .. except doing silly things !!
Enter your browser's name - IE6 - whatever in the search box .. have a good look,try the stuff in right hand sidebar. ..Note what is said about Firefox and Opera too - be surprised ..

If you bank on-line go here and for F's sake read it !!

My bank never uses e-mail for account reasons .. but stupidly uses them for advertising .. so they are deleted, unread, out of hand ..
Set e-mail to read as text only, no code allowed so hopefully, no embedded nasty stuff can run on opening the mail or lead you to a spoofed site ... Can always switch all the html stuff back on when sure of content.
Have your bank's URL - site address- written in a txt file somewhere, copy and paste that into the browser for access to banksite do not access via third party !! by e-mail or whatever !!
Simple one, have 2 em addresses most providers allow several ... you'll probably note the scam stuff coming to both - strange, as you only use one for the bank !! :idea:

BT Yahoo! provide, as part of e-mail service
If you're ever worried about giving out your email address on a web site, AddressGuard could be for you. Instead of leaving your address open to spam, you can use a disposable email address, while still accessing all your mail in one place.
You can create up to 500 disposable addresses with BT Yahoo! Mail. Use these when you want to give an email address to a site that you suspect might share or sell it. Create several if you shop at different places and want to have a different email address for each store, mailing list, etc. You can view messages sent to each of your disposable addresses in your Inbox or a folder that you designate.
Each disposable address has two parts: a base name and a keyword.
Base name
The base name is the same for all your disposable addresses but it's different from your BT Yahoo! ID. By using this profile, you can keep spammers from guessing your Yahoo! ID and your primary email address.
The keyword identifies what you are using the disposable address for. You can use the name of the company to which you are providing the disposable email address, or another word that you will remember.
All disposable email addresses will take the form [email protected]. Remember that the disposable address is a email address. This disguises your address.

~~~~Hows about that then ? Use one for the bank and nowt else ...
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breezer said:
they then ask you to prove you are the card holder, so pleasegive last 3 digits of you security code to veryfy it is you, you have now been scammed.
Unfortunately online shopping nearly always ask for the 3 digit code so i suppose you could get didled sometime, at least i'm covered against online fraud.
I must say I am surprised.
We are told everywhere, do not give details in unsolicited mail.
I have dealt with Amazon for 4 yrs now and find everything works fine .. I reckon that I used to get a fair lump of spam after a purchase ... but use of the BT-Yahoo address guard has shown, nothing on my dedicated to Amazon mail address .. apart from Amazon communications.

Do we all not have automatic cover when buying with credit card these days ? I thought that was the sensible reason for their existence .. I guess people automatically associate the C card with high interest loan facility ... rather than a somewhat protected buying tool.

Kendor ... My bank tells me that, but I do wonder, they specify many actions for safe banking .. promise no loss in event of fraud ... Now there is a word to cojour with ... my impression of fraud may not co-incide with theirs ... If someone planted a 'Trojan' prog on my machine 'key logging' and 'screen dumping' at banking sites ... then used info gleaned to clean me out ... surely I would have to prove the fraud ? The trojan may have been deleted in some way on success of scam ... oooer !! What then ?
kendor said:
at least i'm covered against online fraud.

What's in your wallet? :D

I was really shocked the first time I recieved a phishy email... Firstly cos, it was sent to my "janitor" email address (which wasn't listed anywhere at the time) "mildmannered" was listed on my website, but not the one being used...

So I took the email to my local Loids ;) branch with the actual url link (an IP address, not what was listed - which you can see in the botom left hand of the window if you hover over the link)

I didn't bother after the third, cos it was getting tedious... I now recieve about one a day on average!

I also want to know how all these internet pharmaceutical companies know I have a small disfunctional p3nis??? :oops: :D
mildmanneredjanitor said:
....What's in your wallet? :D....

Not much today, the bundle of clothes is out shopping, thin end of £45k in loose change.
mildmanneredjanitor said:
....What's in your wallet? :D....

Not much today, the bundle of clothes is out shopping, thin end of £45k in loose change.
Capital One... eh! sharp intake of breath !! ;)
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