Bar mixer shower leaking

26 Oct 2020
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United Kingdom
I’ve a Victoria Plum exposed mixer shower bar that’s leaking on the side that you control which shower head is used. I’ve unscrewed the cap, removed the screw bolt beneath but I’m pretty sure that if there’s a cartridge on that side, the only way I could remove it, would be to drag it out. No signs of O rings or washers in there to be replaced at all. It just seems to maybe not be aligned or possible to be aligned with the centre line that indicates neither shower head is on. No leak at all from the thermostat side. Can’t seem to find any instructional video that tackles that side of the bar. Where am I going wrong here?! Cheers
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Pic if that helps. Left hand side leaking.


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I'm pretty sure the cartridge is on the other side, at least it is on mine although mine isn't a Victoria Plumb. The left hand knob on mine turns the shower on and off and the right hand knob adjusts the temperature. I've never removed the left hand knob but the right hand side, which houses the cartridge, has a grub screw that has to be removed to remove the knob and cartridge.

To be honest if it's going to be that difficult to remove they are cheap enough as long as you don't pay VP silly prices. have a look on Ebay for thermostatic showers. the fittings are standard so it's just a case of direct replacement. My cheapies last about ten years before the cartridge gets gummed up. The cartridges are nearly the same cost as the shower unit so I don't bother I just replace the lot. I also don't understand why you think the left hand knob controls which shower is used unless that shower has a shower body bar as well as the shower head.

Most of the thermostatic showers on Ebay are from China but I can, almost, guarantee that that VP one was made in China and all VP did was stamp their name on it and hiked the price.
VP products are shocking,I would always advise any of my customers against purchasing anything from VP. As Pete50 said may be better to replace the lot.
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1. The leak appears to be coming from the side with the valve which diverts water to fixed or adjustable shower head, or stops the flow altogether. Is this correct?
2. This will almost certainly be a ceramic disc type valve. Once these valves go, they need replacement as there is essentially nothing you can do to fix them.
3. A photograph of that side, with the cap removed, would be useful.
4. However, I would expect it to be quite unique to that type of shower, meaning that if you can't get a spare from Victoria Plum, you aren't likely to get one at all.
5. You could measure between the centres of the pipes going into the wall. Most are 150 mm, and most bar mixer showers will fit.
6. However, the fixed riser rail / pipe going up to the fixed head is almost certainly unique to this shower, so any change of valve will require a new one and consequent change of fixings.

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