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Basement ground water/sump problem

Discussion in 'Building' started by smaj, 13 Oct 2021.

  1. smaj


    9 Mar 2014
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    United Kingdom
    Hi i have a basement in a property i have just purchased. On inspecting i noticed that i have a hole dug out in one of the areas of the basement and a pump installed in it. It was quite ful so i switched the pump on to expel the water from the hole. I noticed immediately that it was filling up very quickly from the side of one part of the hole and this quickly made the pump come on again.

    The house had not been in use for approx 8 years and water was off from the stopcock, i inspected the basement prior to purchase too and noticed it was quite dry up until i turned the stopcock on.

    Please note that the mains water supply pipe in blue is far away from the area where the pump is located and it seems quite new, the only water which is close to the hole in the ground and pup are 2 gulleys and a manhole, however the water going into the tank is very clear and clean. The water which is going into the hole is coming out of the side of the hole.

    I have asked a few drainage companies and one came out to see, he suggested there may be a leak from the water boards mains, like mentioned earlier the mains supply pipe is on the other side of the house.

    Can anyone give me any ideas on how to rectify this issue immediately please.

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  3. oldbutnotdead


    11 Jan 2013
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    United Kingdom
    First thing is to determine whether the water is coming from your water pipe. So, stopcock off, measure and record how long the pump is running for over (say) 2 hours. Or divert the pump output into a drum, measure depth in drum at the end of your 2 hours.
    Drain your drum, stopcock on, repeat.
    (Try and do both in the same day ideally without it raining halfway through).
    Gross increase in water with stopcock on equals leak in the water pipes.
    Check all water connected things, make sure no overflows are operating.
    Check your manhole and gullies, make sure they're not filling/running continually.
    Once you've done the easy, time to dig the water main out (your blue pipe) and find the hole.
    EDIT Don't be fooled by direction- the leaking water could be getting into old land drains or gravel strata or any other path of least resistance to appear where you think it shouldn't.
    EDIT 2 If you have a water meter, check the readings when you turn stopcock on (make sure no taps in the house are switched on). You can also test the water for chlorine
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  4. just pumps

    just pumps

    24 May 2016
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    United Kingdom
    Does the water keep coming with the pump turned off. ie Does the hole overflow with water.

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