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Basement works / improving damp levels

Discussion in 'Building' started by D31IY, 16 Feb 2020.

  1. D31IY


    16 Feb 2020
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    United Kingdom
    Hi all!
    Love the forum - first time posting.

    Over the past few months I’ve been ripping out a VERY damp basement that had partition walls made of plasterboard (NOT moisture resistant), and a fairly large ingress of water from an old service opening that had been left ajar for about ten years!!! (All this was found when ripping out - missed it when purchasing property - ooops)

    Anyway - putting these together, created an astoundingly wet and damp environment that affected the flat above terribly. (Basement is about 7x7 meters under footprint of house)

    Since removing everything the basement feels a lot better, and I’ll be installing some mechanical ventilation soon to help airflow and moisture levels.

    I want to get the area good enough to use as a den / garage - just storage really - but to avoid damaging items down there, and getting it to a level where everything doesn’t have to be in boxes.

    The floor seems to be pretty damp, and there is still slight ingress of water in heavy rain from the old service door (is now a manhole set in to a slab that lets water through in rain)

    My thoughts are after airflow improvements, to membrane the floor to slow the vapour coming from it (don’t have enough money to dig it up and relay with DPM etc), and lap it up the edges - let’s it breath and hopefully the airflow will take care of it before it builds too much.

    And also I want to seal up the manhole area as much as poss to make it water tight - but unsure on approach - maybe just tanking slurry from inside on it?

    I’ve never tackled a basement before, and wondered thoughts on if I’m approaching the right, or wrong way!
    Thoughts welcome - and have attached some images as it stands!!!
    area is the spot with the manhole that leaks just after some heavy rain all day today)
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  3. bobasd


    2 Dec 2017
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    United Kingdom
    works to the ceiling joists appear to have been done in the recent past - perhaps the suspended ground floor was replaced? this could be an indicator of the extent of condensation and wetness in the celler below.
    others might have better experience than me in dealing with damp cellers but my experiences say that doing a partial job can be expensive, and wont work in the long run.
    perhaps, get a company that does celler tanking in to give you a heads up?
    there's lots of info on here and in the Related Threads below.

    the "service/manhole is perhaps the old coal chute opening - they used to have circular CI covers. but without a photo its difficult to advise..
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    DIYnot Local

    3 Sep 2019
    United Kingdom

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