Bath Sealer problem

23 Aug 2007
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West Glamorgan
United Kingdom
I have been in the house a few years but we have only recently had an overbath shower fitted. I had my suspicions that the pvc trim going around the bath probably wouldnt be up to the task and on removing the bath panel this is the case.

I have removed the pvc trim but they have left a hell of a lot of silicone which seems to have been applied by a shovel!!

I have scraped most away but what is left seems stuck solid.

First question, and on doing a search seems to be ok

Use a silicone remover to get rid of the tough stuff thats left? And then clean off completely with Meth Spirits?

Secondly I thought about applying just silicone, but have heard unless you are also sealing behind the bottomcourse of tiles (ie new installation) as well its not going to be that effective?

I like the look of this product as I am not sure I will get a tidy finish to any silicone I do

has anyone got any experience with this product? Seems a lot better than the standard pvc trim you get?

And lastly on one end of the bath it looks as if the gap is too wide so they have chucked a load of silicone into the gap.... I am reluctant to remove this as I dont think either the strip, or a single bead of silicone would bridge this gap. Should I just try and level it off? Cant think what else I could do with this? Hopefully that strip would be wide enough....and its at the same end as shower so will be getting wet.

Sorry for the ramblings, appreciate any advice
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Boa - quadrant bath edging tiles could be a solution to your probem - you can get a set in a box (Topps do them), enough to go around 2 sides of a bath (long & short), complete with 2 bullnoses to finish at ends. Clag as much silicone as needed to seal then position these edging tiles in position but sitting in, and stuck with, the silicone. Don't use tile adhesive as it won't move with the tub and will therefore crack; the silicone will allow for expansion of the tub. It is possible to do the job with plain quadrant tiles (sold loose & without the bullnose ends). Tip - any short bits (to make up the lenght of the bath sides) attempt to place in the tile run - so don't cut the bullose ends. You can grout to match the wall.

Done properly you'll get a very neat, professional looking tiled finish, not some messy mastic job which seem very common these days.

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