Batheroom leak has penetrated subfloor

20 Oct 2021
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United Kingdom
Hello everyone.

Almost a year ago I had a leak fixed in the bathroom, but now there seems to be another problem...

Part of the fix I had done last year was having a new shower screen and bath panel installed. Just been reading the instructions and realised it wasn't sealed correctly on the outside. However, it states that even if correctly installed the shower screen is not 100% waterproof and some water will inevitably leak out, which is fine I guess.

Because of this, water has been dripping down the side of the bath panel and has been getting under the floor which is made up of vinyl tile. I noticed that it started to lift away from the floor and has damaged the skirting board. I've since removed a section of flooring and can see that it has penetrated the subfloor (see attached photos)

I don't think the right type of bath panel was installed because it sits next to the edge of the vinyl floor, not on top of it (The old one that was replaced did indeed sit on top of it) There is a very small, probably 1mm gap between the bath panel and the vinyl floor where you can actually see the subfloor!! which is pretty terrible.

I'm now looking to get the entire floor replaced and possibly some of the subfloor too (hopefully not the whole thing?!?). The affected area gets pretty wet from the shower screen

I'm going to correctly seal the shower screen tomorrow but the floor is something that I won't be able to get done until early next year. Seems a lot of tradesmen are super busy round here and have long waiting times. So I need some sort of temporary solution to protect this piece of subfloor, or at least prevent it from getting soaked and causing damage underneath until it can be replaced. What's worse is that this house has 2 bathrooms but only one shower/bath. So me and my partner have no choice but to use it.

So, my questions are...

- Should I clean the mould off with anything?
- Is something like vinyl plank a good replacement? I think it's different from tile but not sure. Whatever I replace it with has to be 100% waterproof.
- Does anyone have any ideas what I can put over it until I can get this fixed? A towel? a spare tile perhaps?

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28 Jul 2015
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United Kingdom
A weak solution of bleach and water, is a good/cheap place to start for the mould spores, as it opening a window after/whilst you shower to cut down on humidity.

I don’t think the floor looks that bad, it might be the plywood that has taken the brunt of the water.

I suspect the water is getting behind the screen and down, then going along the bath panel, as it looks bubbly in places.

I’d Take the screen off, Remove the wall track.
Buy a tube of good sealant and a gun, seal the wall track to the tiles and check visually for leaks, might be at broom of screen where the glazing strips are a poor fit, replace these if needed.

Get the leak sorted before you worry about the floor.

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