Bathroom Extactor Fan

26 Oct 2009
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United Kingdom
I live in a bungalow and the bathroom extractor fan is situated in the ceiling with the hose going through the loft and then out through the soffit. It's an Xpelair DX100T. We have a small bathroom and it's struggling to clear any of the steam, even with the window wide open! Also the condensation is dripping off the fan and all of the walls. Any suggestions what's wrong with it?
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Hi, I've got the exact same in my bathroom and although its "working" its not the best.
Ive not got the figures at hand but im sure the extraction rates not great.
Have you checked the ducting is attached correctly and there's no blockages
Close the window for a start.
There should be a gap under the door so that air enters there and goes out through the fan, ideally the fan is located as far from the door as possible.

Other possibilities:
Hose is too long / kinked / blocked with birds nest
Fan or outlet vent is clogged with dirt
Fan is broken

Does the fan actually move the air? (hold a square piece of toilet paper against it while it is on - the paper should be pulled against the grille)
How long is the outlet hose?
The outlet hose is about 1 metre long, the fan is only a year old. I've tried putting a piece of toilet paper up to it and it's not strong enough to hold it but it's strong enough to extract smoke. Haven't checked for a blockage yet, I will let you know how I get on.
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Cleaned the dust from around the fan and shortened the hose length to make it more taught. There was no blockage in the hose. Put paper up to the fan and it's now holding it in place. Still has condensation dripping off the face of the fan. With the window closed it still doesn't clear the steam sufficiently though. This fan is set to clear 76m3/hr. Do you think we need a more powerful one?
Unless the room is sealed (so no air enters under the door etc.), then the fan is either busted or was useless from new.

Does the fan work better with the door open? If so, not enough air is entering the room, so cut 10mm off the bottom of the door.
If no difference, a new fan won't cost much, such as this one:
and should be a straight swap (make a note of the wiring before removing the old one)

More powerful fans are available, but they are usually only for very long ducting as found in blocks of flats etc. A 1m length shouldn't be any problem.

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