Bathroom Fan heater wiring help

31 May 2007
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United Kingdom
Hi Guys

I have a 2kw Wall Mounted Bathroom Fan Heater by SONEVA that needs wiring, it takes a live and a neutral wire but no earth.

my question is if the other of the cable running into it is a standard uk plug that plugs into the plug socket, is there a need to earth the appliance? if so how do i do this if the heater only takes live and neutral.

The instructions say to fuse it with 13amps

thanks alot
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You cannot plug this appliance in using a plug and socket arrangement if it in a bathroom containing a bath or shower!

Thanks for letting me know, but incase I didnt make it clear the socket for the plug would be outside of the bathroom in the room next door would that be ok? if not I have an old extractor fan that stopped working a few years back but never changed it, could I use the wires that used to work for it on the fan heater? Im guessing i just connect the live and neutral and it should work right? and once again no earthing right?

Thanks again
The extractor is possibly from the lighting circuit which cannot accept a load such as a heater.
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Product Description & Review:

With their compact design, SONEVA downflow fan heaters are the popular choice for heating bathrooms and ensuites as well as kitchens. The powerful 2kW output ensures a fast warm-up, although 1kW output is selectable on installation for smaller rooms.

This heater must be hardwired by a qualified electrician.

Taken from the Ebay site

and from the Soneva site

This product must be hardwired by a qualified electrician in accordance with current UK Electrical safety regulations

So a plug and socket are NOT possible.

And frankly the idea of an un-earthed 2Kw fan heater in a bathroom wpuld make me very worried.
Does this heater have the double insulated (class II) symbol on it? That's two squares, one inside the other. If it does then that's no bad thing in a bathroom. It won't need an earth; there will be nowhere to connect one! :)

That's the good news. The bad news is that what bernardgreen has found is correct. Note the word "hardwired". That's an FCU, not a plug and socket. It also says 2kW. There is virtually no chance that the old fan cable will be up to the job. :cry: :cry: :cry:
thanks for all your comments, im guessing it is the double square thing will double check in a bit,

if it is then the only problem is how to hardwire this. i need to connect it to an fcu but where could i do this.

im a bit new to all of this stuff so u can laugh if im complelty off it but i have a main electric box in the garage which is where i turn off and on the elctrics for the house, do i need to connect it to there? or should there be like a sort of junction box in the house? if so where would i find this? and am i just connecting a normal 3core cable from it to the bathroom.

Also just read somewhere ( from this link //

that you can connect it to the internal wiring of a double socket? I have one of these in a room nearby so would this be possible? if so how?

Thanks once again for all your help
ok.. STOP RIGHT NOW...!!!

the work you are describing is notifiable under part P of the building regulations meaning that you will either have to tell the local building controll authority and pay them to come and check your work, or get a registered electrician in to do the work for you..

this would seem to be the better option for you as from the sounds of it you are not competent to do this work, nor are you informed enough to do it safely..

for example you can only place these things in certain zones in the bathroom and they need connecting to the bonding in the bathroom..
I agree with ColJack. If this is your first venture into DIY electrics a bathroom heater is not the safest place to start. :eek: :eek: :eek: Try a simple light instead. :) :) :)
how did you get on with the installation? \i have the same heater, and it comes without a flex! I was looking for 1mm heat resistant 2 core flex but can only find 3 core. - Will this be ok to use if I just ignore the earth wire????
lol, if i told u i just connected it to a socket in another room and it wasnt earthed as its double insulated would you blive me? Also using twin and earth but just cut the earth back?

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