Bathroom mirror replacement - glue instead of screws?

10 Aug 2012
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United Kingdom

I recently bought a replacement mirror as the existing one had started to corrode. The previous one was screwed into a tiled wall (i.e. over the tiles) above the bathroom sink, and the replacement was purchased as a like-for-like replacement i.e. same manufacturer, design, bevel, size etc.

Or so I thought - it looks as though the pre-drilled holes in the mirror are 5mm out when compared to the current one. New mirror has holes 35mm from the sides, whereas the existing one is 40mm.

Given the hole placement, I don't think I'll be able to slightly reposition the mirror so I'm looking into mirror adhesives as a possible solution, as replacing the new mirror with something larger is not feasible.

Does anyone have any experience using either Evo Stick Mirror Adhesive or Tesa Powerbond Mirror tape, or any other sort of adhesive? Obviously it has to be specific to mirrors, as most other glues (as I understand it) will 'bite' through the reflective backing. The mirror is 600mm x 600mm and weight ~3.2kg

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I have a shaker style (?) set of units in by d/s loo.
They are paired to form opposite opening doors side by side.
They're basic mfi units with a roughly 2x1 frame and a centre rebate sort of idea.
I got a glazier to cut me mirror to fit and he supplied a tube of "stuff" for a mastic gun
15 years later with allowing doors to slam the mirror is still there
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We use mirror adhesive quite a bit in public toilets and changing rooms. Providing the surfaces are flat and clean (degreased) it works well. If you go that way make sure that any adhesive you buy is well within date (tubes are cĺearly marked with an expiry date), say 6 months or more. I have had problems in the past trying to use short-dated and out of date adhesive (basically the mirrors either won't stick or they fall off the wall overnight). One name that comes to mind that I have used is Mirror-Mate
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Sorry- my memory isn't that good. But it was specialist for mirrors
A DIYer I have used glass adhesive for quite a few mirrors in bathrooms , i usually have the glass cut at the same location and so use the glue from them as recommended.
we have a wall between and under wall cabinets in a bathroom at the moment , quite a large area , made up of three different mirrors
On a previous house, we had mirror glued to tiles in a bathroom
all remained in place for some years
Thanks all. Does anyone have any specific recommendations? I'm erring towards the Geocell Trade Mate Mirror Fix and the Everbuild Everflex Mirror Mate Mirror Adhesive - it'll be over the sink and close to where the baby gets changed, so I really don't want it to fall off!
ask the guy who supplies the mirror?
Also ask if bare MDF needs priming?
Thanks for all the replies guys. I eventually went for the Geocell stuff and it's now glued against the tiles supported by a wooden frame for at least 24hrs. Whilst I followed the beading instructions very carefully, I only used half of the cartridge, whereas I think I should have used at least 3/4 given that the entire cartridge is good for 7m. I only realised this about 15 mins after I had fixed it to the wall, so hoping it doesn't come down. Yikes.

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