bathroom ventilation

14 Jan 2021
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Looking for some advice on an ensuite bathroom, all internal wall and no window.
Currently have a decent inline extractor fan installed venting through a roof vent tile, however there is still quite an annoying staleness to the air in the bathroom especially if hasn't been used for a while.
I there a fresh air fan I can install?
I am thinking of adding a second vent through the bathroom ceiling and running some hose to a sofit vent for fresh air.

Anyone have experience of this or know what might help,

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how often do you run your existing fan? and for how long?

do you know what model it is? or attach a photo
its a manrose MF100T, it runs everytime I use the bathroom and I usually let it run for a while after. I suppose the staleness is there when it hasn't run for a while.
I'm just wondering would a run of ducting to the sofit provide some fresh air or additional inline fan sucking fresh in be of benefit. I imagine sucking air in would be a bit extreme and lend to a cold bathroom in the winter time
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I didn't wire the timer in, the bathroom is seldom used and I end up leaving the light and fan on for a while. the issue is when the bathroom is un used for a period of time and the air becomes stale
how long is the timed run-on set to?

does it come on automatically when you turn the light on?
Issue was actually a stale shower drain trap.fushed it out with some treatment and 100 x better...turns out the fan was doing its job
We have a humidistat fan which only comes on with the moisture / steam from a shower. It has an overrun timer and would switch off at a set lower humidity. We have our window tilted when we have a shower. This bathroom is en-suite and the fan is quiet enough not to be annoying at night.
Do you leave the bathroom door open to allow fresher air to be drawn in? Do you also dry any wet areas once it's been used. Sounds like something is staying damp.

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