Bathroom window shootbolt stuck in lock position

2 Jan 2012
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West Midlands
United Kingdom
Hello all

I can't get the bathroom window open the shoot bolt on the left side has come a drift from the locking mechanism inside the window frame. its an old upvc window maybe 20 years old so its not like the newer ones were you can slide an allen key between the frame and window to unlock it. i'm thinking at the moment of cutting through the frame and bolt with my multi tool to get the window open, but if any one has got a better idea i would be really grateful.

Thanks all

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Deglaze it if you can. Then unlock the window the best you can , the gently force out the side that will open ( possibly using a product like ' winbags ' ..personally I just use a scraper and wood to get it open as fair as i dare! ), then if you've managed to get the sash to clear the frame , you should be able to force the the stuck side ' over ' , the opposite way to the way it is the shootbolt pin slides to lock. this should cause the shootbolt to release from the keep opening the window. My guess would be that the central gearbox is broken , or the window has been forced causing the shootbolt extension to slip in the gearbox and jam, either way you will need to remove the handle and locking gearbox and shootbolt extension to determine what has happened. If you need to order a new part , you can put the gearbox back in with only the shootbolt extension that was not originally jammed , it means one side isn't locked completely but also means its shouldn't be stuck when you come to replace the broken part.

If you do not feel comfortable doing this then get a ' window repairman ' in . The window maybe locked right now but it is solveable without too much drastic damage , if any damage at all
Cheers mate for your reply, very good advice. I would have to go up the ladder to deglaze it from the outside and I hate heights, I've ordered a 20mm carbide blade for my multi tool and hopefully i can cut through the shoot bolt and release the window and take it from there. I'm thinking get it open with the least amount of visible damage and replace the whole window when i do the bathroom next year. Thanks again for your detailed reply.


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