Bathstore shower screen problems

Brilliant... thanks to everyone who's helped me on this project and the advice and wisdom you've brought to the table!

I've got good news.... the leak has pretty much stopped!

I spoke to bathstore technical support today and the guy was really helpful. He suggested that I cut a notch in the horizontal sleeve about 10mm wide so that the vertical seal sits on this and the rigid plastic doens't push it out of the way. I did this and although it doesn't stop ALL the water it stops the majority of it and reduces it down to a slight dripple when a lot of water hits this part of the screen.

Worth knowing... I asked him if I make a hash or it or the strip break/wears out what to do. HE said that bathstore would replace part as many times as needed... and they'll send this part out for free!

Thanks again for you help and adivce guys.

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A year on from you having probs and the fault obviously still remains with this shower screen. Did you sort it in the end, if you have, then we would like to know, as it's been nothing but trouble, and has been leaking for about a year without us knowing, hence resulting in soaking the wooden frame inside the bath panel. You're right, the leak is from the bad design of the plastic seal meeting the upright metal hinge. We also had to take the whole thing down and re silicone, but it still leaked. Any ideas! I think they should give us our money back, as we are seriously thinking of buying another one, the money for which could have gone to much neede stair carpet!!
Thanks for your post.

No it's not sorted! It really annoys me like I guess it's doing you too.... you buy an expensive shower screen and you buy it thinking it's going to screen the water into the bath but bathstore then say 'it's splash proof and not water resistant'!


So basically we've managed to improve the situation by fiddling about with it but it still leaks and it's made a mess of the downstairs ceiling now it's been doing it over a period of time.

What are you going to do about it? Surely there's a way we can fix it up to stop it leaking? I was thinking about ordering another seal (the vertical one and the horizontal one) and having another go. Part of it is that I don't think there's enough pressure from the cloing of the door to create a good seal.

Any ideas?!
I have literally just got a reply from "Adam" Bathstores. He wants a picture (won't get) and apologises.
We have been into our local store 3 times as they ordered us free strips to try again, (why should they work?!) still not come yet, first ordered 3-4 weeks before Xmas. Asked Adam to chase this at least.
We have been told by another shop here that their stuff is made in China! Don't think this will ever be resolved. We have also had damage from the leak, so we are loath to put the panel back on without it being sorted.
I think we should get some recompense, after all, like we both agree, it wasn't cheap.
Happy new year!!!
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What is it with fixtures in this country? I lived in various properties in Canada and all had shower/tub screens and enclosures. None of them leaked. I presume most of this stuff is made in the far east or China.
Some time ago i successively installed three Wickes shower enclosures - each one leaked, i think i spent more on silicon than glass - eventually i gave up ...
Hi everyone, I had a similar problem and it turned out that I had been fitting the bottom seal incorrectly. The seal has two 'wings', one with a tube and the other without. I had (mistakenly) put them on either side of the glass. Instead, you should fold the wing with the tube so that it is on the bath/shower side. The other wing covers it. With this orientation, if you make sure the seal is right up against the upright, then this produces a (fairly) decent seal. It won't survive running the shower directly on it, but it's good enough to stop leaks from regular showers.

Hope this helps anyone in the future!

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