Battery help please

8 Jul 2005
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United Kingdom
I think that I left the interior light on all of last night. The car was dead this morning, someone helped me jump start the car but as soon as I stopped accelerating it dies and needs restarting. Will I just need to get it out on the road for a good run (if I can) to recharge the battery, does it need a new one or is it worse than that??

All help appreciated before I delve into the bank account again - thanks in advance. :)
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I would not expect an interior light to flatten the battery.
How old is the battery?
Giving the car a good run, should charge it.
The battery is around 2 1/2 years old, so I guess it's due for replacement really. It's just that I have never experienced an engine die like that after being jump started. As long as I kept the engine running whilst the jump leads are removed I should be able to give it a run hopefully and try that first. Didn't have much time this morning before I missed the last bus out of my village to civilisation!

Thanks for your advice.
Also consider a trickle charger from Halfords or similar - will charge up the batt overnight and save time and petrol.
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clazza,don't risk getting stranded by trying to drive it if you can't keep the engine running.It's possible your battery has shorted out inside,the best thing to do is charge it up and try again or have it tested first,it needs charging to test it.I was going to work about 5:30 am a while back in a astra.It started as normal and was running fine until about 2 miles from work.Then the headlamps dimmed,fuel and temp guages dropped,heater fan slowed etc.I switched off all I could and made it to the car park then stopped the engine.When switching back on it was as if there was no battery fitted,100% dead.This was a shorted internal,the only fix of course was a new battery.