dead battery?

14 Feb 2011
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United Kingdom

I've had to jump start my Dad's car (Renault Clio 1996)every time I have gone to start it (3 occasions). I have driven approx 30 miles after jumping it on each occasion bur when I try to start it a few days later it is dead. Do I replace the battery or could the alternator be mal functioning?

Appreciate any help.
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There's a very good chance the battery is goosed - do you know how old it is?
However, if the alternator is below par, the best battery in the world won't last long without being recharged. A basic test: with the engine running, lights and HRW on, the battery voltage should be very near to 14.5v. Can you test this with a multimeter?
John :)
Thanks John
original battery in car never changed (mileage 70000). car is idle for long periods. I have multimeter and will try as you suggested. What is HRW?

Heated Rear Window, mate - its best to test the alternator output under a heavy electrical load.
Original battery? It should be framed and mounted on a wall :p
John :)
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16 yo battery, that's not bad going!

If you were nearer you could borrow my CTEK MSX 5.0 changer after I've finished with it!!

It may just bring the battery back to life.