Bbq roof?

24 Oct 2018
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

so we’re in the throes of redoing our patio and putting up a pergola - it’s a large thing built off the side of the house which I’m aiming to have one part for bbq cooking, and the other for bbq eating :)

now, we really want a roof structure on it to allow us to use it most of the year, the area will have IR heaters like you find in beer gardens. And of course the bbq will get hot too. Above the bbq I do intend to have an extractor with a vent going through said roof structure. However I’m of course concerned about deforming the roof with heat.

I was considering 1000/34 cladco type arrangement with clear pvc version used on the eating area (between two opaque sheets) which all works.

but wondered if you roofer types could offer a thought on this?

the bbq area will have a single 57cm Weber kettle bbq, a pizza oven (gas - no flue) and possibly a smocker later down the line.

the roof will be shallow angled (about 4 degrees) which again, cladco works for.

so it’s a question of if it’ll do the job if I use their steel version (although I’d prefer their anthracite as it’ll match the windows) or if pvc will be ok as it’s about 2.4m from ground... I’m guessing the steel is the better way to go.

the frame is construction timber. Bbq will be placed against a wall (brick) so it’s really just a case of finding a suitable roof sheet

all advice appreciated
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Not to mention the gasses given off. Don’t wanna melt the roof but also don’t want to die of gas poisoning.
Just I see those big green eggs get used indoors. So hoped there was a solution but the pergola is enclosed by a brick wall on three sides, add the roof and I’m essentially grilling indoors...
Won't the extractor either be very noisy or pointless. Cant the BBQ be set outside with its own sort of open shelter? We have a Weber (effing brilliant piece of kit) but it don't arf give off a lot of smoke, especially with those lamb chops and sirloin steaks. Drippy drippy fat and all that.

I wouldn't be too phased about the heat as long as there is plenty of height on the roof.
Yeah it’s a worry there. Looking at the ones with the required air flow they’re bloody huge!

The area dedicated for the bbq can’t really be anywhere else, so it’s a case of roof or no roof over inside or outside.

I might get the builder to do the below in the top of the retaining wall. Give it some airflow. Other than that I’m out of ideas
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a chimney (once it has warmed up) usually draws the hot air up and out the top.

For my barbie, I have got myself an old stainless canopy from a cooker hood, that I intend to fix to the wall with some flue on the top,

Maybe that would work?
We have s BBQ hut. Windows closed ,carbon monoxide alarm goes off pretty quickly . Open the windows and it's fine.
Flue is central and roof construction is timber with felt shingles .. has not burnt or melted
Ok cool so roof melting is no issue seemingly.

just ventilation. I think I’ll ask builder to put some ventilation into the wall as above. Least it’s like having the window open. Then if I need more I’ll add a normal stainless hood too.

definitely get an Alarm too!

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