Beko DRCS68S tumble dryer tripping the electric

8 Mar 2010
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United Kingdom

I was wondering if anyone on here can help me.

I was using my tumble dryer last night for about 3 hours. I stopped in mid cycle and emptied it as the towels were dry. The power button was off on the dryer but it was still plugged into the mains.

About 2 mins later, the machine then popped and tripped the power sockets in my utility room. I could also smell a "caps" type burning smell from the dryer.

I turned the power back on at the fusebox, and it was ok for about 5 mins, but then the dryer tripped all the power to the house and I could smell the caps smell again.

I've left the dryer over night and tried it again. It ran ok for about 2 mins then tripped the power to the sockets in utility room again and the caps burning smell was there. I took the towel out the machine and it was warm so I'm guessing the heater element is working to a certain point.

I now know I shouldn't of turned the dryer off mid cycle.

What is the most likely thing to be causing this? Could it be the thermostats on the heater element? I've took the back panel off the machine and cant see anything obvious.

All the filters/condenser are clean and are regularly cleaned.

The dryer works fine on "freshen up" mode where it just needs to blow cold air , not hot.

Many thanks in advance
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If the machine only trips in hot mode then obviously it is a problem with the heating circuit. I'm not sure what you mean by a caps smell, if you mean a capacitor overheating I hadn't noticed that they had a unique smell when they overheated. As your machine has an open element I would be looking at the insulation that the element wire is wound on for signs of burning, also the cable insulation in the area around the element If everything is ok there look at the main board for burnt tracks or a relay or other component having overheated & again the wiring in the area.
I have tested the front thermostat and the 2 stats on the heater element with a multimeter. The front stat failed to give a reading and so did 1 of the stats on the heater element. ( the one without the reset button). There is what looks to be a reset button on 1 of the element stats and this button is stuck down. I have ordered a new heater element with stats and a new front stat.

Will update on the outcome of fitting these...
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