Beko WMA 520W washing machine - door lock problem

5 Apr 2006
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United Kingdom
I have a Beko WMA 520W washing machine, had it for 4.5 years without problem.
It stopped running yesterday, midway through a wash. The "Start/Pause/Cancel" light was flashing, and the "Ready" and "Spin/End" lights were lit.

The manual says the Start light flashes because the door isn't locked. However, as far as I can see there is no way to manually lock the door.

Instructions state to cancel a program, hold the Start button for 3 secs. This will force it into Spin mode, then end.
However, holding Start for 3 secs stops the LED flashing for a minute, but then it starts again. So it can't get into Spin mode, drain the water, end the program, because the door isn't locked.

So my washing is sat in the machine in a couple of inches of water....

Think it's worth paying for a Beko service engineer? Might a local washing machine engineer (i.e. not specifically Beko employee) know how to fix it? Or should I just replace what is admittedly a pretty cheapo washing machine?!

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Just to add, there's no obvious problem with the door seal, or anything like that.
No answers huh.
Ok, last night I scooped out and soaked up as much water as possible from inside the drum.
I then checked the water supply hose and the filter on it were clear, and that when the tap was open, water came out ok. I checked the drain hose wasn't blocked and cleared out the pump filter on the front of the machine (couple of buttons, a bit of fluff, nothing major).

I checked the door seal again and ensured the metal ring overlapped the rubber seal all the way round.

Powered machine on - same light combination. Held Start to try and cancel program, same result.

If I'm looking at a £90 call out fee plus potential parts and labour on top Vs. a decent replacement machine for around £250, it looks like the latter may be the best option....

If no one has any advice regarding a fix to the problem, perhaps people could advise a decent make/model of a new washer in this price bracket?
Although the Beko lasted 4.5 years, most of what I hear about them is (comparitively) negative.
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Thanks cakeman, but the Beko codes at your link are not relevant for my model.
There is no display for error codes on my machine. There are just 7 LEDs in this configuration:

1 2 3 4
° ° ° °

° ° °
5 6 7

1 = Start/Pause/Cancel - flashing.
5 = Ready - lit.
7 = Spin/End - lit.
i would say , an educated guess and a good place to start would be the element (NTC fault)
change the element and i reckon you will be good
turn machine off select 90 deg cotton press and hold start, switch on keep holding start for three secs it will then flash

turn knob to spin press start light codes as follows

prewash .................................. NTC
main wash heat
prewash and main wash.............. constant heat
rinse......................................... no fill
prewash and rinse drain
prewash main wash and rinse....... pressure switch
main wash and rinse ................... tacho/ pcb
rinse and cond ............................ no motor action

to reset error codes hold start for five secs
rocks1 - those options don't seem to apply to my washer.

The full selection is as follows:

1 2 3 4
° ° ° °

° ° °
5 6 7

1 = Start/Pause/Cancel
2 = Prewash
3 = Time Save
4 = Extra Rinse
5 = Ready
6 = Wash
7 = Spin/End

i.e. nothing called just "Rinse", nothing called "Main wash" and nothing called "Cond".

I started following what you suggested anyway:

1) Turned machine off, selected 90° wash, held start 3 secs + turned on at same time...
The Ready and Spin/End lights went off, leaving just the Start light flashing.
I then selected Spin and pressed Start. The Start, Ready and Wash lights lit. After a few seconds, Start began flashing.

2) Turned machine off, selected 90° wash, held start 5 secs + turned on at same time...
The Ready light stayed on this time, Start still flashes, Spin/End went off.
Turned to Spin and pressed Start. Same result.

3) However, sometimes it would revert to the original - Start flashing, Ready and Spin/End lit.

4) Sometimes just the Start light is lit, pause, flashing.

5) And one time, the Start, Ready and Wash lights stayed lit, with Start remaining on - no flashing.

Regardless of the light configuration, the washer doesn't actually do anything....
so wot you are saying door lock wont lock . have you bypassed the lock ,or put a screw driver in the slider with the door open to see if it starts
Yes, I put a screwdriver in latch hole last night, but the machine still does nothing, and it doesn't stop the Start light from flashing.
I have (i think) exactly the same fault as yourself. Ready light on, then off. Start light on for three secs then flashing, have tested the element for continuity, which seems ok - i was wondering if you ever solved this issue - and what you did, if you dont mind?

Many thanks in advance,

When you turn the machine on does the door lock at all. Unless it does the machine will not carry on.
i had the exact same problem and none of the error code suggestions worked. i dont know why becuase it says its the same for all WMA beko models but clearly it isnt.

anyway thats all beside the point. i had the same issue and after being unable to find any real suggestions other than the wrong light code combination i decided to go troubleshooting.

1. checked pump all seemed fine and to be working
2. checked element. again all seemed to be fine
3. checked pcb best i could with multimeter and all seemed to go where it should
4. motor brushes. these seemed very very worn so replaced and everything worked fine.

so it could very well be the motor brushes. the springy carbon brush should be approx 6cm in length. if its a little knobule then replacing will probably cure it. its a very easy job and a pair of motor brushes will range from £10 - 20 depending where you buy. its also a very easy job (2 screws each brush).

one thing i did notice is after replacing the brushes it stuck on the spin light for a good 30 seconds and then drained and finished the drain cycle. the start button light then went off and went onto ready. so it seems it has to clear the cycle before the fix is complete so dont despair if the cycle light comes on again. give it a good 1 min to do its thing and reset itself.

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