Best Fence Paint?

14 Dec 2009
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United Kingdom
Hi all. I am looking to paint my garden fence as I think it needs to be redone.

The problem is, I can't decide the best fence paint to use. So many and so confusing. Not sure on colour yet but may post a photo at later point to ask about colours.

Could you give me you advice or opinion on these fence paints and if they are good or not. Value for money and quality is what I am after.

Ronseal One Coat or Fencelife.

Cuprinol and ducksback.

Wicks own fence paint.

B&Q fence paint Inc value.

Wilkinson own fence paint.

Homebase Fence paint.

BTW when I asked wicks about their own fence paint, they said they use ronseal. Is that correct? I know wicks own house paint is crap, so not expecting wicks fence paint to be any better.

Thanks. :)
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I'm surprised that nobody else has an opinion on the various fence paints. Doesn’t anybody paint fences anymore?

Anyway thanks HERTSDRAINAGE2010. I do want to ask, how many coats will it take with Cuprinol? Would you say it's best to use Ducksback?

I have heard that some of the colours don't match the description on the tin, for most of them.
I find the cuprinol is better as it is spirit based and seems to sink into the timber better, you must only apply when the timber is completely dry.

You can also use:
which is very much like the cuprinol range as it is spirit based.

As to water based treatments, I find them very patchy and don't seem to sink into the timber.

Hope that helps.

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I've used Ducksback (on the recommendation of Big All here) on my shed and I'm pleased with it. I needed to change the shed colour so I used a cheap water-based paint for that and finished it off with Ducksback. The wax in it gives the finish a slight sheen and water just beads off it.
I've used the wickes water based shed and fence paint a fair bit and it seems fine! As good as the simillar cuprinol. They both need 2-3 coats to look good

I would say if you want to preserve it well go for somehting oil based or creosote/creosote subsitute

If you want it to just look nice and be slightly protected then the based water based stuff is fine
Thanks for the other replies. I was going to buy cuprinol fence paint today but decided to call cuprinol and check a few things.

Cuprinol told me that all their main fence paints are waterbased not spirit based. It had been like that for some time due to regulations. So much the same as ronseal.

The only product they do that is suitable is, Cuprinol Shed and Fence Protector

Cuprinol said all these will all be waterbased, in a few years time. So get them while you can.

Cuprinol Shed and Fence Protector is expensive. It's £32 in homebase. Far to much.

Cheapest was £9.47 but out of stock.

Only Jewsons do it cheaper at £26.34 but still expensive.

Looked at screwfix direct but they don't do Cuprinol Shed and Fence Protector.

I may well get this instead and it's cheaper.
What did you go for in the end, and would you recommend it? I've got a similar task ahead of me and was wondering what the best option would be
Well I was going to buy BAUFIX from Lidl today but they were out of stock. :rolleyes: Lidl never have enough stock anyway but would of been the cheapest option.

I went back into wicks and they have 20L of wicks Creosote for 39.99. I was debating whether to buy it, as it was cheaper than the 4L.

In the end I decided to go for what scbk linked to. It was cheaper than wicks 4L Creosote. I have not used it yet as it's been too hot to do this sort of work, so will try In a week or two.

Cuprinol and ronseal are far to expensive.
i use asda fence paint £8 for a big bucket, or wait till the end of the season and get it for £4, i always buy 1 when its on offer. I normally give 3-4 coats with about 30mins between coat, give it time to soak in and get a nice even coat. I use dark brown, but my mate has painted his fence green, i thought it would look stupid but it looks ok, not sure what paint he used tho. I painted my back fence panels 2years ago and they still look fine, no need for another coat yet, so for price, its lasted quite well.
Any feedback on the amount of coats to apply? The tin says 2/3 coats, but the wood was so thirsty when I was putting on the original coat that I'll probably need to buy more (it's 23ft of 6ft high fencing as well...) will one coat suffice or should I try to get out there and add another coat once there's cloud cover again?
Any thoughts on one coat only? If I leave it as it is now (still looks good after the maximum five day drying period) will I not get the full benefit?

This may all be moot anyway as it's apparently clouding over and rain this afternoon so I doubt I'll be able to get around to it - but would be useful to know for the next dry spell.
Any sort of stain or timbercare always looks better after atleast 2 coats, and I'm sure it will protect the wood more than just one coat
Just a few comments on my current experience with fence paint. My fences are a mix of 50 ft of eight year old fence panels and three new lengths one 100 ft one 85 ft and one 30 ft so I have got a fair amount to try and keep looking good. I first painted the older fence with Wilko Forest green and although it went on easily and gave a pleasing finish with two coats after one winter it was flaking off and looked awful that's after six months so not a good result at all. After I had the new fence installed I decided to give it a coat of extra protection before any climbing plants made the job more difficult. I bought six tubs of "Ronseal one coat" and after using two tubs took the rest back and got a refund. This product is simply not fit for purpose it's basically a bucket of water with a bit of green colouring in it. It should be called "Ronseal one coat after another"
I am now going to try Cuprinol Ducks back. Tesco have it in stock for £15.00 for 5 ltr. I will report on my efforts with this.

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