Best place to splice wires

7 May 2011
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United Kingdom
After investigating a faulty reverse light, I have diagnosed through elimination, a faulty connector on a wiring loom that connects to the rear light cluster. If i get a replacement from a salvage yard, could I splice near the plug connector, or should i go further back, taking the side panel off in the boot and splice the wiring there?

I was going to attempt dismantling the connector/plug, to get at the wire with the faulty slot as it seems too wide grip the corresponding pin on the light cluster and trying to pinch it tighter, but seems to be a sealed unit
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Splice into the most convenient place.....cut the wire, add a length of heat shrink tubing and then bare the conductors. Twist the wires together and solder. Once cool, slide up the heat shrink and heat that to cover the join.
John :)
Most welcome! If, when you strip the wires you notice the strands are black, scrape them with a knife blade back to bright copper before you solder.
John :)
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