Best shower ducting set up for centrifugal fan in the loft

21 Feb 2013
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United Kingdom
Currently investigating replacing the existing in line fan for our en suite shower with something a little more powerful, perhaps a centrifugal fan

Trying to get my head around the set up of avoiding using flexible ducting as we've had problem with pooling water and condensation in the past regardless of how tight the ducting has been pulled, to the point where we stopped using the shower altogether

The current location of the fan in the loft is about halfway between the vent above the shower and the exit vent in the soffit with a total run end to end of about 3m

I was looking to use rigid ducting where possible but wasn't sure of what connectors/what type etc I'd need in terms of connecting the spigot above the shower to the fan and then connecting the rigid ducting directly to the fan on the other side

Presumably I'd need to use some flexible ducting to connect the rigid pipe to the exit vent and perhaps elsewhere?

Haven't been able to find a diagram anywhere that might give me a better idea of the set up to visualise it or indeed advice from any of the fan manufacturers as to what the best ducting and connectors are to use in conjunction with their fans
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I'd been looking at the Fantronix stuff, just need to sit down and work out what connectors etc I need and what types of ducting to use in the various connections between the grill above the shower, fan in the loft and then out to the grill in the soffit

Have a got a picture in my head but want to make sure it's watertight and not pooling in the loft or leaking warm air into the cold roof space anywhere
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flop loft insulation over the duct. If it is not cold it will not get condensation. The horizontal part should be rigid not convoluted and slope downwards towards the duct through the wall.

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