Best way to fit and seal around a bath

4 Sep 2009
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United Kingdom
I have searched through all the various questions and replies regarding the best way to seal around a bath. It would appear that conventional wisdom for the right way to do this is as follows:

Step 1 - Tile wall to 1 tile depth above the bath
Step 2 - Fit bath and, optional, build timber frame to hold it in position.
Step 3 - Fill bath and allow it to settle (presumably only if no timber frame?)
Step 3 - Complete the tiling and seal as appropriate.

So far so good. However, it is the best way to seal that is most debated. Having looked at all the options, I think that the Teleseal method seems to me to be the most sensible solution of all, as it allows quite a bit of bath movement and should be completely watertight.

Am I right in the steps above and has anybody had experience of using Teleseal10?

Sorry, I thought I was in the plumbing forum for this. I have reposted so ignore this in the building section.
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