Best way to recess plug sockets?

12 Oct 2005
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United Kingdom
What’s the best way to flush mount plug sockets into a solid wall? Is there a special tool I can perhaps hire or is it just a case of chiselling out with a hammer the size of the backing box? Also are they any reasons I shouldn’t do this like reducing the overall strength of the wall?

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The best thing that I have found for chopping out sockets is an apprentice ;)

Failing that, I use a lump hammer and a selection of a cold chisel, scutch chisel and sash knife. I also have an SDS chisel bit for my drill which often comes in quite handy.

I have tried a few different box chopping attachments for my drill, but find the traditional method to be the best :cry:
I genenally do similar to RF, I mark around the box on the wall (remember its quite a bit smaller than the socket!), then with a hammer drill with depth stop (or I put a bit of elec tape on the bit) gang drill around the sides to the correct depth, and then I get the chisels out (sometimes put holes in the middle as well if hard wall)
I use the same method - drill corners etc

On hard brick I use SDS with chisel.

I also finish off using a 3" bolster to ensure good fit
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Thanks for this. I’m going to have a go at this tomorrow, hate to think how long it’s going to take as I have two doubles and a single socket to do! I guess drilling all the way round the marking of the box makes sense before chiselling it out. I’ll update with how it went!
Two doubles and a single should take about 20 mins if you hit the chisel hard enough ;)
RF Lighting said:
Two doubles and a single should take about 20 mins if you hit the chisel hard enough ;)

And two hours if you hit your thumb in anyway....

Do wear eye protection as the bits do fly straight to the face.
i must be lazy,i stick to the sds chisel.

it aches me arms else. :cry:

Has anyone else here used a box sinker before?

I use it to save time and find it effective. Although if the wall is very hard then a series of holes and a chisel is often quicker.

My apprentice just tells me to 'f**k off' if I ask him to do anything that creates dust. :evil:
Agree with Davy.... i bid for the Armeg box sinker off Ebay...tried it twice and it was back on Ebay a week later.
I,like others use a lump hammer and cold chisel but find my old wood chisels tops for tarting up the edges.
SDS hammer drill with chisel bit for the main chasing of recess` in hard stuff .
Lump hammer, scutch chisel, bolster. It's the only way.

Chopped in 9 single-gang boxes and 4 two-gangs in a little over an hour today. And that's in rock-hard, triple-baked, Middleton brick! (RF knows what I mean.)

I, too, have a box-sinker in the shed. It takes longer, makes more mess and it's another bit of kit to lose/break/trip over... ;)

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