Bit of a different question. Sorry if not alowed.

16 Jan 2016
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United Kingdom
Hi guys. So ..... Not really a "normal" question but im wondering if anyone has brought.. or even fitted any conservatorys in the past couple of years.

Were moving into our new house next monday, and were thinking about what to do, we REALLY would want a 2nd reception/lounge room. Our choices are garage conversion... OR conservatory. However weve a budget and we definitely need a new kitchen first.

Anyway, im going off on a tangents.

Any ideas for a fully fitted conservatory.

4 - 5 meters wide. 2.4 - 3 meters long (away from the house)

Dwarf wall, 1 door.

If it means much, were just south of Birmingham.

I realize its a bit of a "how long is a peice of string" sort of question, but thanks
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I would think carefully about the use you will get from a conservatory TBH -they get hot and they add significant solar gain to the host building

unless you get a connie with a solid roof -which is not a connie really but you know what I mean!

you might be better with a garage conversion

price wise Id be guessing at £15k to £20k for connie or garage conversion -but Im a bit out of touch with prices, I know you asked "in the last couple of years" but really only the last 3 months is relevant
I would think carefully about the use you will get from a conservatory TBH -they get hot and they add significant solar gain to the host building
You just have to do a quick search on here, to find how many people want to board over their conservatory roofs to make a usable space! :)
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Switch off the telly, kick everyone out, sit back and just chill out to the sound of nature. ;)
I haven’t got a conservatory. I’m just recounting the experience of those that I know that have them. ;)
So do I but not when you can’t hear the telly or have a conversation though!
To be fair , thats polycarbonate roofs, glass is much quieter BUT much hotter! As others have said, each type of conservatory has drawbacks...

Polycarb Roof - Warm Summer , Cold Winter , Noisy in any type of rain , extremely noisy in heavy Rain, cheapest option on conservatory roofs

Glass Roof - VERY VERY hot summer , cold winter ( not as bad as polycarb though ) , very bright, If not one complete glass sealed unit ' H' bars joining glass units tend to leak after a few years , Active blue self cleaning glass most popular - Cost More than a Polycarb roof as Roof bars are stronger and price of glass units

Solid Warmcore Roof/Guardian Warmcore Roof - Easier to control the temperature as less heat loss due to approx 175mm of insulation, plastic tiled roof, can have glass panels in roof for extra light , fully plastered ceiling ( effectively a proper roof ). Top end of the price range

IF you want to use it all year round then a conservatory would have to be with a Solid/Warmcore roof BUT I suspect it would actually be cheaper to convert your garage

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