Bleeding radiators if bleed screws are broken ?

15 Aug 2006
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United Kingdom
Moved into a new house and I discovered that one of the
radiators is cold at the top and warm at the bottom.

When I went to bleed the radiator I put the key in but
whilst turning the bleed screw it broke and now I cant turn it... its flush inside.

Any other way to bleed the radiator?
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Not if there are no nuts at the top.

I suppose if you were lucky you could slightly loosen the unions, lift the rad, while still attached to the pipes, off its bracket, and fold it to the floor. Then the air would be up where the unions are so loosening them might let it out.
Is the bleed screw in a brass plug that is screwed into the radiator, or is directly in the wall of the radiator? If the former you can replace the whole plug, if the latter you're stuffed (probably).
Its directly in the radiator.... so Im stuffed and have to replace the rad?
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Its directly in the radiator.... so Im stuffed and have to replace the rad?
Well, you could do what ChrisR suggests, or, for a more permanent solution, you could drill out the middle of the bleed point and cut new threads, then seal it with a larger screw. If it doesn't work you'll be back to square one - having to replace the rad.
Replacing it is the only way of getting a reliable heat source. When you get another rad, make sure the bleeding screw does NOT go directly into the rad like barlo and wickes
This is probably very cowboyish, but id assume that if u drill a small hole at the top of the rad, then once its full, plug it with a non corrosive screw wrapped in PTFE tape. im not sure if this will work but theoretically it makes sense.
:rolleyes: Yes it is cowboyish. So is replying to five year old threads.

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