Blocking up a Chimney - vents and circulation into cellar

4 Jul 2020
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United Kingdom
It is a terraced house with two rooms downstairs and 3 bedrooms. There is a chimney breast in each of the rooms downstairs and in two bedrooms.

The chimney gathers in a central stack in the attic.

1) What is the best way to block the chimney at the top - there are 4 crown style chimney pots - I assume one for each flue? I believe it needs a cap but how would a cap go on a crown style chimney pot?

2) Also if I add vents to the fireplaces on the ground floor - where should these vents go and how large should they be?

Also could I drill holes into the floor where the chimney breast stands into the cellar below so that once it is blocked up - the vent will supply warm air from the room into the chimney void and into the cellar below.

The reason I was thinking about ventilation into the cellar is after watching this video below.

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