Boiler vent!?

7 Jan 2017
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United Kingdom
hey guys, I'm considering an extension on the back of my house, however our existing standard old school boiler is on that wall with a vent directly to the outside. If I was to build an extension is there anything that can be done with this flue pipe to avoid moving the boiler as cost is an issue! Can these be extended up or out?
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Exceptionally unlikely, even with a relatively new boiler it would depend on the correct parts being available and the distance of the extended flue being under the maximum permitted for that particular boiler, and the entire length being accessible for future inspection, etc.

The reality is - the boiler will need to be moved.
Or more likely replaced with a new one, since dismantling, removing and installing it somewhere else will likely cost as much as a new one anyway, and that assumes moving the old one is actually permitted, which is almost certainly isn't.
Ok, but don't laugh, it's a 20 year old Ideal Classic non condensing boiler!
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Not laughing, they are still a great boiler. Not sure about extending the flue though.
"If it ain't broken....." Lol
But if we extend the house then a new boiler would be worth will the cost instead of trying to move old tech!?
And for a medium sized modern semi with 2 adults and 1 child which has a standard boiler, is a direct replacement best these days? They say they will ban them in a couple of years as they are not efficient enough?
You cannot move a non conensing boiler to a different room. But if you found someone to do otwho woud ever know?
But you defo cannot reroute the flue. If the system os fully pumped, and you manage to remove the flue section without damaging it, you may stand a chance as it is, IIRC, telescopic.

But, seriously, you are building an extension, and the cost of a new boiler (less cost of carefully removing the old) is prohibitive?
and you manage to remove the flue section without damaging it,
i doubt it on a classic

spending all that money on an extension and skimping on the boiler when its the most use appliance within the home . but tbh your lucky you've got a good little boiler if looked after . if your budget is that tight you've got a long road ahead ,because do you think it will only cost the amount you've been quoted ,not on your nelly;). i bet you spend at least another 10% on the extension ;)
Ok, but do I switch to another type of boiler/system?
Specs of house above in last post?
Is there a good one to go for??
You can't ban an existing installation. Need much more info about your home to know what's "best" but as you're apparently on a tight budget a straight swap with another heat only boiler would be the cheapest option. Look at Intergas - 7 year warranty on their OV range and very solidly built

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