Boiler vibrating and noisy

6 Mar 2014
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United Kingdom
Hi, i hope someone can suggest what might be wrong with my combi boiler. It has started to make a loud booming noise along with vibrations when the hot water is used. It doesn't happen when the central heating is on, just when a hot tap or the shower is turned on. It sounds like some boy racer exhaust revving up and the casing vibrates.

I have had an engineer out who has so far replaced the matrix, the fan and the gas valve and the problem is still there. He has check the condensate isn't blocked which it isn't and has checked the incoming gas pressure from the meter which is also fine. He has also checked the flue which is also good.

He is out of ideas now as he is sure the issue is on the gas system and nothing to do with the pump. The only strange thing that we noticed that has caused more head scratching is that with the casing off the boiler would not fire up. As soon as he put the casing on, it fired straight up. We tried this several times and the boiler won't light with the casing off and immediately fires up once the casing is put on.

I am convinced there is an air leak somewhere that is drawing too much air into the heat engine . When the casing is on, the excess air cant be drawn in from anywhere and so it fires up. This air leak is then causing the noise and vibrations when the hot water is used. What do you all think?

It is an Ideal Exclusive Pro Combi 24.
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I have had an engineer out who has so far replaced the matrix
Does Neo know? :LOL::LOL::LOL:

Joking aside, I’d be looking at a water issue, such as a failed 1/4 turn tap insert, or some other failure. It’s not always the boiler.
Tell your Gas engineer to register on the CC and we will tell him what is wrong, cant tell you on here, and if he is an actual Gas engineer he should not be trying to fire your boiler with the case off, it clearly states in the MIs for your boiler that it should never be fired with the cover off, not even for testing
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He was supposed to turn up earlier with another engineer he is mates with who knows Ideal boilers better but they are a no show. Not answering messages so might want no more to do with it. Guess I am stuck looking for another engineer now. Any clues I can pass on to the next person I get to come out?
@ianmcd, I hadn’t noticed the part about casing being off :oops:
Yes mate many miss it, and some condemn the boiler because they pick up CO with an FGA around the top of the boiler with the CC removed, the MIs clearly state not to do it , some boilers it is OK while testing but not the Logic range
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Thanks, that is probably my best option. These boolers seem to have a reputation for themselves for this kind of problem from what I have found on the web. Best to get Ideal to sort put their own mess.
Have your new guy follow the manufacturer's instructions and check the flue integrity.

It's a real pity that you have been a victim of someone throwing parts at the problem. Keep hold of the old parts, they're probably all perfectly good!

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