bonnet cable snapped !!!

13 Oct 2006
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United Kingdom
Big problem, my car has a flat battery....completely flat, tried to open the bonnet and the cable on the bonnet release mechanism has snapped.

1st problem how can i charge the battery without access to the engine area, tried to push start but the battery is dead as a dodo so this doesn't work.

If/when i do get it running how will i sort the bonnet problem out, this bonnet problem must have happened b4 to someone else....

the car is a p reg renault laguna.

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You need to take the front bumper off to gain access to the engine bay, you can then manually release the bonnet.
It's a common fault with Lagunas. They have two catches, one at either side of the bonnet (left and right). The two catches are linked by another cable, not the one inside the car. The one in the car pulls on the right catch, which in turn is connected to the left catch by the second cable. So you have two catches to release.
You can also get in to them by smashing a headlight, a bit drastic but it works.
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lie under front of car and with a long screwdriver or anything similar and a torch you can pop both catches
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to get the car started you can get them chargers that work through the ciggy lighter, you will need a mate to park near ur car, put one end of the thing in his ciggy lighter and the other in your (flat) car and leave for 30mins or so then try to start the car (im not sure if they are meant to be used to start the car though or just to recharge a battery - the cable is not very heavy duty)
I had a similar problem but with a different car and called out the AA, within the hour the guy had opened up the bonnet and fixed me a new cable which came out of the front grill but was hidden and managed to open the bonnet ever since :confused: try giving them a try saying its vital as you need the car and they should come to your rescue!