Bosch fridge/freezer temp setting

1 Mar 2009
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United Kingdom
Anyone know what the temp setting/number should be at on our Bosch upright fridge/freezer? Theres two settings illuminated, one for the fridge the other for freezer. Freezer is set at 18* Which I presume is minus/ - 18*) that seems ok but the fridge is at 4* , is that too high or low? never seems particularly cold in there :confused:
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Found this a liitte cut and paster job, with info on.
But do read through your user manual the info should be in there.

What do the stars mean on freezers?

Have you noticed the stars on freezer compartments? Some people do not understand their significance and simply bung food in any drawer. The stars indicate the temperature of the compartment and therefore the length of time that food may safely be stored within. Here is a summary of the star system for you to print out and tape to the inside of your freezer.

* One star (-6 degrees centigrade) is perfect for making ice cubes and is sufficiently cold to keep food for three or four days. ** Two stars (-12 degrees centigrade) stores food for fifteen to twenty days. *** Three stars (-18 degrees centigrade) will keep food safe for up to three months. **** Four stars (below 18 degrees centigrade) means that the compartment provides the ideal conditions for freezing down fresh and pre-cooked foods.

Most frozen food in supermarkets is clearly marked to show how long it can be kept. That combined with the star codes gives you an easy way to make sure that your frozen food is safe to eat. When you buy chilled and frozen food, put it in to your freezer as soon as possible. If you have a long journey from the shop or the weather is very hot, buy an insulated cool bag to keep the food at a safe temperature. Running a freezer uses a lot of electricity but savings can be made in the convenient bulk purchase of food. Freezers run most efficiently when full and in use. If you see your freezer merely as a place to store ice cream and the occasional packet of peas, use the icebox on the top of your refrigerator instead.

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