Bosch washing machine / drum not turning

28 Sep 2007
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United Kingdom
I have a bosch washing machine purchased in 2012 Exxcel 8 vario perfect, WAQ28461GB. Probably gets used on average once per day. Mostly full loads.

Its worked fine for 5 years until this week when it stopped and E:45 fault appeared on display, which I think is a motor circuit fault. I cleared the fault using the PCB reset technique ie turn dial off, turn to 6 oclock, press spin button,etc.

Restarted machine and the drum started to fill but did not turn.

Having had a similar problem in the past I suspected brushes on motor, even though on the previous wash the machine goes into a fast spin fine.

The brushes were worn down to about 1cm and copper wire was showing through on the carbon. Commutator I would say has a slight groove in it from copper wire.

Changed the brushes but drum will still not turn, it trys to turn ie jerks a bit and very rarely will spin for a while. The brushes were inserted the correct way.

I was advised to clean the motor and commutator due to possible carbon build up. So stripped motor and blue out with airline and cleaned commutator with solvent cleaner and toothbrush.

Still the same judders and jerks but will not start, but strangely did turn for about 30 second.

I should add if I try the washer on a spin only program the motor does nothing, only on a wash program does it jerk but not start and the E:45 fault never showed again. The washing machine will also start any prog fine fill the drum, I can hear the heater come on and will also drain fine.

Iam about to throw this washing machine away as Im assuming its PCB or motor failure and buy a new one, is there anything else to check? Have I missed something obvious.

Any advice appreciated.

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If the brushes are free to move in their holders & not sticking when you pull them against the springs then release them, then it sounds like you may have a bad segment in the commutator which means a motor replacement as you suspect.
Is the drum actually turning freely when you do it by hand? Or is there a lot of resistance?

Have you checked all the simple issues such as belt tautness?

How does the drum behave on an empty load?

Other than working through the alternative possibilities, the E:45 fault may correctly indicate something to do with the motor.

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