Botched job - Floor Boards

22 Feb 2009
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United Kingdom
It seems when the central heating was put in they cut the floor boards down the centre of the hallway and covered them with laminate Now I want to clean up and oil the old boards but they look like open heart surgery.

The problem is the walls to the adjoining rooms have been built over the floor boards so there is no way of lifting the boards. The other side they go under the skirting by about 4cm and are nailed in so I would have to remove the old skirting to slide them out.

The only other way I can break the pattern of the scar down the middle of the hall is to replace with boards of different lengths. I could drill out the nails of some boards that just go under the skirting and slide them out but for that I need to cut the adjoining skirting without damaging those either side ?

I think there must be an easy way......


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I imagined myself facing this situation, and while I can think of ways to do it, I would probably live with it.

Otherwise cut the tongues out with a floorboard saw, and hammer/lever the boards out (easier than trying to drill the brads). If you don't want to remove the skirting on the side where wall goes over boards, you'll have to cut flush with the skirting and maybe add a noggin to support the ends of the new boards.

Then if you have some longer boards that match (maybe from a cupboard or under-stair area?), cut to length and install. Being careful at all times of the radiator pipework.

One advantage of leaving them as they are is future access to the pipework ...
you could find some boards in another room and lift them. My loft had loads of boards in it from the electricians in the 50's presumably wiring the loft.
Remove the hallway boards and replace/swap with bedroom boards where carpet is likely to be an option.
or remove the centre hallway board and move it so the cut isn't immediately over three in a row.

It probably won't look too bad once cleaned up and stained/polished. Age is Patina (if you're selling)
Thanks. The gaps where they have cut are not even straight and gaps up to 1cm across. I couldnt live with that. Just bought a floor board saw and will replace the worst boards as you say. Lucky I have an old timber yard within walking distance where I can pick up old floorboards to size for a few quid and carry them home
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first look under the floor for cables an pipes.
you dont need a floor board saw - use any cheap circular saw set just enough to take off the tongue.
then carefuly prise up an removin as you go any cut nails with acheap end cut nipper or nail puller.
dont go bashin the boards up.
after one board is up you can get leverage on the others.

after ones up theyl all follow easy does it.
stagger the end cros-cuts but dont go beyond that last joist.
secret nail with 60mm ovals but use pilot holes.

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