Brick lintel installation

12 Dec 2009
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United Kingdom
am I being daft or could I insert a brick lintel (or an L section lintel, or a Catnic ANG lintel, whatever they're called) into a block wall then remove the blocks to form the doorway?
Seems a bit easier than the usual Acroprop, knock out, dance around props, install concrete lintel, etc etc....
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A few times yeah, the normal way. Just done my back in so can't work and the brain is busy trying to not be bored. Just thought it looked possible
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The main thing is supporting the blocks above. That's what the props are for. How would you do that when you are inserting the lintel into the gap?
Being blocks, they should hold themselves in place much better than bricks would. Have you worked out where the lintel will go in relation to complete blocks, or will you have take out more blocks, and then brick back in above the lintel. How thick is the wall, and what's the door opening going to be.
The wall is 4 inch think single skin and the opening can be what ever is best for the blocks. I'm confident about the quality of the original build as an adjacent wall was what has caused me to spend a week flat on my back!
Idea was to cut a 10 mm groove along the mortar line and slip the flange of the L in. Bish Bash Bosh
Having thought about it some more the issues I can see are - the persuading the lintel in without disturbing the blocks and making sure the lintel and the blocks above it are bedded in well enough.
Back to drug free building mid week
Yes you can, they do it for remedial lintel work with helifix bar and resin. It will be more expensive than doing it with props however. If it's single story and not much block work above the opening i'd just prop the roof joists.
Thanks tomfe, I knew I'd seen it done somewhere! The 'more expensive' bit has made the decision for me. Now to find someone to swing the sledge hammer.
A tall boy prop is only about a tenner for a few days hire, cut a chase in the mortar line above where the lintels going and insert the tall boy, and cut out the line of blocks below it, and then fit a concrete lintel from Wikes, leave it for a few days to go off, and then take out the blocks below. If you're doing it all in one go, then create the opening, and then fit the lintel in place. Use bits of slate tiles to pack out any gaps, and then mortar the lintel and any lose blocks.

And find a good osteopath near you; much quicker and better than drugs.
Thanks Doggit, strong boys is the plan.

My good mate has just moved locally and his new squeeze is an amazing physio. I'm now fixed in record time in exchange for a bunch of flowers and a couple of days building work in their new house. Boom!

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