Bright green, faster growing patches on my lawn

9 Jan 2020
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United Kingdom
It's hard to get them to show up in a photo but I laid this lawn brand new a couple of years back and last year, some patches appeared of much paler grass. This spring, they are larger. Not only are they a different colour but they grow much faster especially in the spring - after the first high trim the rest of the lawn has barely grown and these bits have grown noticeably since I took this photo in the morning!

My guess is it's some sort of foreign 'weed' grass, that germinates at a low temperature so gets a jump on the rest of the lawn.
Is that likely and if so what can I do? This is supposed to be my one 'nice' lawn so I give it fertilizer, overseed it, etc. Am I going to have to gouge holes and dig it up?!


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