Bristan Orta basin taps. Advice/Help.

31 Mar 2020
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East Anglia
United Kingdom
I have a leaking Bristan Orta bathroom basin tap and want to replace the cartridge on checking the booklet maintenance page the removal instructions mention/show first the handle then below that cap and grub screw. Checking the tap no cap and grub screw so I understand the handle has to be removed to gain access to cap and grub screw underneath. That's where I run into a problem how do I remove the handle? (yes I have turned the water off) that handle is on B****Y tight advice please. Oh and is there anything else I should know about this tap?.
Thanks in anticipation.
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Are you saying there is no cap/grub screw on show? Can you take a photo of the tap?
Yes correct absolutely no cap/grub screw on show.... looking at the illustration in the booklet you would think that there was but No Definitely not! I have really looked somehow you have to remove the tap handle and that's my dilemma.
I have looked at this particular type online example advertised on amazon and the amazon orta basin tap shows the cap and grub screw on the outside so have I got an older model?.After some digging I have found the schematic for my tap and it shows no cap or grub screw but a different screw set up inside the tap. My strong suspicion is I have an earlier type.
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If there is no cap on the tap head at all, the head must be a push fit. Yes they can be tight but you can use a couple of blunt levers (butter knives?) to pop the head off. Bristan do inserts but if you cannot find them try lunns.
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I have now received replacement valves for my taps under warranty so that was a plus but and it seems there is always a but!, I have managed to remove the tap head thinking that's it and away we go just got to remove the old valve and replace. But no! using a spanner of correct size could I get the old valve out NO! its seized solid in the tap body my suspicion is that possibly a limescale build up on the threads has occurred any ideas how to remove the old valve?.
Can someone recommend a tool to tighten up the tap backnut to the basin one that does the job in an awkward tight area I Don't mind paying for quality.
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Did you use a 17mm spanner? Try using boiled water on the valves and wait for it to cool down? Tightening underneath would be a box spanner - rothenberger or monument and not expensive
Thanks Yes I did, I will give your suggestion a try and thanks for the spanner advice.

Sorry just re-read,underneath will be better with a tap spanner, again monument or rothenbeger, as you’re only replacing valves,not taps.

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