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But its still winter. Hills round me are snow capped and according to the forecast likely to stay that way for most of April.
Its bizarre.
The Jet Stream is a curtain between nth and south - it's normally far north at this time of year - not down souf. Better get used to it.
The coldest winter in living memory was 62/63 - but when did it end?

"By 5th March Gordon records that there was 'NO FROST' in the morning and that the last remnants of Boxing Day snow had melted in the garden and that there was 'no ice'. The temperature during the day now reached 52°F (11°C) but the grass was brown from being covered in snow and ice for so long. Signs of Spring were becoming more and more apparent. The crocuses were through, though not yet in bloom and the birds were singing."

Does anyone remember a year that was still snowy when we put the clocks forward? I don't - though I remember the winter of 62/63.
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We've had snow in April, after the clocks went back. It snow big deal. :rolleyes:
A flurry of snow is one thing. Snow capped hills through out April totally another.
Maybe gods trying to tell you put a fookin coat on if you go for a walk.
You know sweet fa about climate and weather coming from the dive you live in.
Except when it affects your beloved leather bag kicking.
For your education (dog knows you need some) we do have a climate and weather in merseyside. We don't live under a giant umbrella. :rolleyes:
Umbrella of smog I reckon. :LOL:
The only faith you have is in 12 idiots chasing after a ball. Says it all.
My thinking is as clear as the wind on the open hills. Yours is clouded by smog and the filth of the city.
Country living eh, it's not for everyone mind. Some of us can't stand the smell of all that pig sh*t.
Still, you keep growing em, we'll keep eating em, long as we don't have to live with them.
Good money in pigs at the moment. You can even get gas from the slurry.
Though you'd probably get a lot more from a half dozen scousers after taking a curry. Probably from both ends too.
I'd settle for the pigs any day. :LOL:
I suppose they start to look pretty dammed attractive to you after a couple of glasses of your favourite tipple.
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