15 Aug 2005
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United Kingdom
Don't forget to put your clocks forward when you go to bed tonight.
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Aaaarggh! Spoilsports.

A couple of years ago me and son arrived at local supermarket shortly after 10.00am. Car park was deserted and store closed. Arriving employee politely informed me that the clocks had gone back the night before.DOH!

EDIT The pun is wind up merchant. You little tinker Stevey boy.
Solo, you are wicked ! I had a momentary panic before remembering
'spring forward. fall back' . Bad boy...... :LOL:
Mrs B came down this morning and asked what time it was. When I told her 10 o'clock, she asked if that was todays time or yesterdays time.
A thought occurred to me during my morning dump: What happens to train timetables over the hour change period? BST ends at 01:00 so does that mean there are two midnights (0000 - 0100 - 0000)? If so, what happens to the '0003' train? Does it leave twice? or is it just twice as late??! And what if the egg sarnies on that train expire on 28/10/07 0059? Do they get a reprieve or do they go off twice? If so, do they smell twice as bad or does the repeat expiration create a double negative and ... and .... and in fact make the sarnies un-expire? *considers army of immortal egg sarnies* And if a slightly open door is ajar, what is a slightly open jar??! :eek:

Wont someone please think of the children? Oh the humanity!

*cluck cluck, gibber gibber....*
I wonder whether anybody can answer this one because I'm baffled.

On Sunday morning I do the rounds of the clocks, one of which is in a DVD recorder. Now this one should be easy because the thing is supposed to correct itself automatically - but it hasn't. The video recorder has already sorted itself out so what's going on? :confused: :confused: :confused:

I go into the menu and bore all the way down through a million and one sub-menus to Clock and it says Auto. I press OK but nothing happens. :confused: :confused: :confused: I select Manual instead and put in the right time. :) :) :) I go back to Auto and guess what; it resets the clock to BST! :mad: :mad: :mad: I go back to Manual, put the clock right and leave it - but that's not the end of it.

It's Sunday night and I want to set up a timed recording. Now on this model it's easy. I select the programme off the seven day guide and --- what the hell is this??? :?: :?: :?: All the programme times are an hour later than they should be!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

Well, it's obvious. Those useless g*ts who put the programme guide together have made a muck of it - again! :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: A quick check on the set-top digibox will confirm it -- but no! :eek: :eek: :eek:. Apart from the fact that some channels can't be bothered to tell us what's on the day after tomorrow (no change there) all the programme times are correct. I let the clock auto-set itself an hour fast and leave it to do its stuff.

On Monday night I want another timed recording. Once again the clock is wrong and so are all the times in the programme guide. But ---

On Tuesday morning I glance at the clock and it's put itself right - two days late!!! :?: :?: :?: This has left me with at least two unanswered questions:

1) Where does the DVD recorder get its time from if not from the same place as the video recorder and the set-top digibox? I can understand how the VCR might be different because it only receives analogue TV but what about the digibox?

2) I can't believe that every channel out there was broadcasting two different programme guides: one correct and another an hour late for the benefit of receivers whose clocks were still wrong! Does this mean that programme times sent out in the seven day guide are not absolute but relative and that the receiver reconstructs them using its own (faulty) clock?

If I deliberately set my clock wrong, will the times in the programme guide adjust themselves accordingly? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: I've only just thought of that and I'm not in a position to try it right now. Somehow I don't think it'll work! :confused: :confused: :confused:

Can anybody shed any light on what happened?
perhaps its got its own "internal calender", I am not joking, some alarms have a BST and GMT option as to when they should change
usually with auto setting VCR's you set in the menu what channel to scan for the time info such as BBC1, so perhaps it's the same with your DVD recorder? You may need an Aerial connection for this to work?
Mrs B came down this morning and asked what time it was. When I told her 10 o'clock, she asked if that was todays time or yesterdays time.

I have a 15 week old baby - trying to adjust his routine because of DST we have a normal time and a "Kendrick Time". This is also a reference to "Hammer Time" by MC Hammer, a great song and an even greater video
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