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29 Apr 2008
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

I am about to build a Garden Room / Summer House down my garden from scratch, and I would like some hints tips and advice please?

I have just created a new big shed at the bottom of my garden, so that I can strip the existing shed (well its actually 7metres x 2.5 metres) and take everything out....... the existing shed is made up of bits and pieces by the previous owner so couldnt be used in its current shape (the roof is corrugated and pours straight over the fence into next door neighbours garden....)

So what I am about to do is dig about 8 little holes in the ground and fill with concrete to form the piers on which the wooden structure will sit.

Then I will build out the structure using 2x4 (or potentially 2x3 with more uprights).

My plan is to use OSB for the outer skin of the walls (or perhaps lapping), with membranes and cellotex and then plasterboard (see picture).

For the roof, I plan on OSB, but then putting the existing Metal Corrugated roofing straight on top (potentially with a barrier if people here think needed).

I know there is more to be explained, but can anyone see any particular problems/improvements on my planned method?

Any help greatly appreciated.


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Consider the rainwater coming off the roof and ensure that when you erect it, it is far enough inside your land that you can have guttering still inside your property. The guttering ought to drain the water into a water butt if possible - could be handy in a drought.

(I am also considering the neighbours as you should not dispose of your water in their garden).
Please be aware, when I built my old shed which was 6m x 3m. I had to have it 1metre clear from the fence. (all around the shed) The council said I could only have it closer if it was brick built.

Check with your local council first or you might have a jealous neighbour who will make the call for you.

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Thanks all, that all checks out fine.

What do you think to the wall construction I am envisaging?

Also what about using the existing corrugated sheets over the top of OSB on the roof?

As long as its below 2.5 meters high and occupies less than (I think) 25% of your garden, you shouldn't have too much of a problem with planning. I'd recommend leaving almost a meter gap around the edge still though otherwise you'll never be able to do the required yearly treatment to the wood, and the building will be useless in a year or so.
Thanks Guys,

What do you think to the make up of the walls that I have suggested?


We are about to embark on a self build 'garden room' next to an external side door in the cottage. It will then sit on the outside (side) wall of cottage - if that makes sense.

We have to get PP because of conservation area. But ideas regarding doors e.g. sliding as apposed to conventional would be useful. No not want plastic and have ideas of oak corner posts with glass infill around. Would like it to have the look of an oak garden room without the expense of a bought in construction.

Has anyone built one and can give us tips/advice. Note: Do not know whether we should call it a garden room or sun room - at end of day just some where to sit with open views around.

Hi Ben,

I'm just about to embark on a similar project. What did you settle for as the final makeup of the walls? Is there anything you would change about the final build?



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