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9 Sep 2007
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

I'm soon going to be getting my roof replaced, and I want to make sure it's done by the book and make sure I have all the official paperwork etc

I'm confused as to the process and fees needed:

In the table there are 'plan' and 'inspection' fees each for £136.56. Are both payable? Would there be a need for a plan fee for a like-for-like roof replacement?

Any clarification of the fees and, if possibale, a brief outline of the process would be much appreciated!

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If you're getting the tiles replaced, then you shouldn't need either. As long as you are doing a like for like replacement of tiles, and no structural changes, then it's a refurb job. Now there are debates about the council regarding upgrading the loft insulation as then requiring the job to be overseen.

Now if you're getting the whole roof replaced, timbers and all, then you'd need a building control notice.
Thanks for the reply. Here's what's being done:

-all felt and tiles replaced (roofer said new tiles won't be heavier than what's up there now)

-the main timber structure is remaining, though one timber may be replaced as it's got very wet from a leak

-the chimney is being repointed and new flashing installed

Do you think the best thing would be to call the council and get their feedback? Or are they bound to demand a fee regardless?!
Hah, there in lies the problem of calling the council; you might get someone who knows what they are doing, and you very likely won't.

As long as you are changing like for like, then the council don't need to be involved, but because the roof is considered as a thermal element, then the council like to be get their fees. If you make sure that the loft insulation is up to scratch before you do the work, then the council may send you a letter asking for an application to be sent in at some stage in the future, but you can then tell them they have no case to be answered. Make sure you've got dated pictures of the insulation before the work has been started, and take pictures during the job, and you should be fine.
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Its a must up this way although nobody seems to be
policing it, that said the council has called at a couple
of my jobs in the past and made the customer apply.
Having looked further down the list, I may need to retract my comments, as there's a line for re-roofing in section C for £136.56 for a Building Notice charge.
Having looked further down the list, I may need to retract my comments, as there's a line for re-roofing in section C for £136.56 for a Building Notice charge.

Okay, so I probably should contact the council then. Any idea what the plan fee is for the same amount? Is this applicable? Having to pay 2 x £136 seems a bit pricey
I doubt if they'll want plans for a re-roof job. They should just turn up before the job, and then after it's done, look at it, say fine, and then issue the certificate.
There is a specific application for re-roofing work. No plans, a single fee and that's it. The fee scale is on the council's site.

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