cabling for socket too short

30 Dec 2005
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United Kingdom
Hi. I want to raise an electrical socket from the skirting to a little higher on the wall. One of the two cables entering is too short. Is there a safe way to add a little extra length to the existing cable as rewiring is really not possible. Thank you. Greg
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crimping. using a ratchet crimper (not a squeeze n hope one), apply insulated butt crimps in order to attach a new length of cable. Then apply heatshrink around the joins.

If the join is inside the new socket box, you can use terminal blocks.
Hi, thanks for your prompt reply! I don't have that kind of equipment but will look into it. Is it possible to use a junction box instead? As suggested in 'extending a mains cable' ?
The join wouldn't be inside the new box so I guess terminal blocks are really out.
Thanks crafty.
A JB would be ok but it would need to be 1. fixed to something and 2. accessible! Crafty has offered the best solution as once the cable is crimped/heatshrunk, it can be simply buried in plaster! You can get a proper ratchet crimper for £15-20 these days and if you've got a few more of these sockets to move in future, it may well be a good investment! sorry to jump in Crafty!
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Crimping to extend is the only way like mentioned, as you dont have the crimper and probably no 2.5 i wouldnt be arsed, just call a spark in, prob £35 to £45 ish
Bullhorn said:
Hi. I want to raise an electrical socket from the skirting to a little higher on the wall. One of the two cables entering is too short.
move it down a little bit then? :LOL: but seriously, what you could do is keep the back box where it used to be on the skirting board, and use terminal blocks in here to extend. Put a blanking plate on there. OK if you have white skirting boards. If not, sand the surface of the blank plate and then paint it the same as the skirting.

PompeySparks said:
sorry to jump in Crafty!
no problem, we're all here to help, just a matter of who jumps in first! ;)
Thanks. I like the idea of using the terminal blocks inside the old plate crafty but I don't really want the plate showing as the skirting won't be white. Might still do though. I have just been out looking for a crimper but I'll need to go somewhere more specialist that DIY stores, they had none. Heatshrinking I don't know much about, I'll have to find out more. I actually DO already have 2.5 Trumper ;) as I want to run a spur off the socket which is possible.
I'd rather get the tools required than a spark so they'd be available again for another job.
Thanks to all of you.
Much appreciated.
You could always paint the face place as sugested.
could you not leave the existing socket in place and add a spur higher up the wall?
Bullhorn said:
I want to run a spur off the socket which is possible.
If you're going to be joining and exending the cables anyway, why not put the spurred socket, or FCU (whichever it is) properly onto the socket circuit, rather than creating a spur...?
Hi Andy,
Thanks. There's only one point in the room and as I can only run one spur I want to use that for the other side. I am intrigued as to how I should go about ban-all-sheds's idea. My knowledge is limited to whatever DIY job I tackle and so I'm constantly learning. As a consequence each new thing requires more research and invariably it's often too specific to my situation to find it in the book. This is a great forum, I REALLY appreciate all of you taking the time to make suggestions. I've considered them all. Thank you and happy new year when it arrives!
Greg :D
instead of taking 1 cable to the new socket, making it a spur, take 2 cables to it and keep it on the ring. it also makes it easier for future additions, since you can spur off the new socket if its on the ring.

basically, from existing socket, take 1 cable from that to the higher socket. form the higher socket to where you wanted a spur. and then from there back to original socket, BUT connect this with terminal block or crimp it to 1 of the cables coming into the socket from the ring main (note: due to space, you might have to do the join outside the box with crimps, cover with self amalgamating tape and plaster over)
Thank you Andy. If I understand correctly, does that mean I could actually have a socket for each wall (4)? If it's possible it would be easier to do now as I have all the skirting off.
providing you keep them as a ring, then you can add as many as you want

BUT, you need to run cables in certain areas, otherwise they have to be 50mm deep (almost impossible in most houses) or in earthed steel conduit. behind skirting board isnt normally one of the places they can go.

basically, they can go within 150mm of ceiling, 150mm of corners, vertical and horizonal from an accessory (socket, switch, blank plate etc)

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