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4 Jan 2008
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United Kingdom

I was wondering if you could help me. I note from the forum that you have a great deal of experience with Scantronic 9448+ Alarm Systems.

My system has been in Engineers Mode for several weeks during re-decoration with no issues.

All the PIRs are removed ( all 12V feeds were isolated and the tamper wires at each PIR were connected together ) plus the 9427 Key Pad was removed.

I did note that when the system was put into the Engineer Mode that the Mains AC LED on the control panel went off ?? I thought it strange at the time as the mains power was still on ??

The other day the alarm went off unexpectedly - the external sounder reset however it is still strobing.

I re-connected the Key Pad expecting to see the LEDs flash confirming the Engineers Mode, however only the backlit LEDs came on. All LEDs on the LHS of the 9427 are off. The key pad is not working ?

I checked the 240Vac mains fuse in the unswitched spur - it is 3A and it is fine.

The alarm is on its own circuit and I noted that the circuit breaker had tripped ? I can not say when this happened, but I am sure that it was on, but can not guarantee that it was not switched off by accident.

From this information can you possibly help ? I think that the battery is around 4 years old.

Might the internal fuses have blown ?

Many thanks in advance.
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Check fuses mainly, turn breaker back on, and monitor it perhaps on a minutely basis to see when it trips. I had a problem myself with residual earth current when I was installing an FCU for my home alarm, which was tripping the RCD for the circuits.

Anyway, I digress. It is common for Scantronic 9448s, new and old, to have the power LED turn off when mains power is lost, but the battery is keeping the system on, however you are saying it goes off in engineer's mode. According to the manual that should not happen.
You can go to INBOX, and start a new conversation with Sparkymarka himself if you want, or carry on here and see what other advice there is.
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Inside the panel the ac fuse has probably gone, the battery failed now I suspect and would need replacing.

replace the fuse and the battery and you should be good to go as long as you have reset the trip.

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