Can a tiler sort this out, or should I be worried?

11 Jan 2013
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United Kingdom
Having a new utility room fitted, by a builder. The room has just been plastered.

The wall in the room must be wonky, I think. The sink has just been fitted. It's 5cm from the front of the worktop on each side. However, at the back, one end of the sink is 5cm from the wall and the other end is 6cm!!

It looks really wonky!

Can a good tiler sort this out with a line of tiles that IS straight, even though the wall isn't??
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To do a decent tiling job you want as good and as straight walls as you can get.

On an old house it might mean going back to brick , boarding and skimming. You can lose some inaccuracies in tiling but it's far easier to have your surfaces right to start with.
Sounds like your builder has dropped a clanger.
Ooops. Have you put a straight edge against the wall to see what's what- quite likely the room wasn't rectangular to start with. I've tiled some wonky walls with 10mm ripples in them- it is doable but it takes ages (it took me ages anyway). The big problem is if you don't have anything to hide the top edge of the tiles (like wall cupboards or the ceiling) the thick bit of tiling gets a bit conspicuous.
A couple of years ago a friend asked me to tile his bathroom the tiles were approx 900mm by 900mm.

He saved money on the plastering, got someone cheap to do it. Finish wise it looked ok but I had to spend half a day putting up the first three tiles and ensuring that I didn't need to let them kick outwards as I approached the ceiling.

In the end everything was square and plumb, but I lost money and he purchased four times more adhesive than he would have if he had paid a bit more for a decent plasterer.
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Did whoever cut the worktop, just assume that the walls were square, and not bother checking them. Can the joint be redone. If you put a long batten on the wall, is it straight, or does it wander. As Opps has suggested, if the wall wanders, best to get it replastered than trying to tile it straight.