Can anyone please identify this shower head?

11 Jun 2012
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United Kingdom
Hi, when we moved into our house the shower was already fitted, because the whole head is just fitted to the wall i am not sure of the make / model of it and we need to replace it as a lot of water is dripping down from the bottom of the head like a leak when it is on.

I have found one that looks like it is it, but i thought i'd see if anyone here could say they think it is or not (as many of you may have seen thousands over your time if you work with the a lot)

I only need the head that screws on, so what i have found is:

Aqualisa/Hydramax Spray Cartridge CP (No Arm) 235012

Does anyone know if that is the right one, can i get it cheaper anywhere and would it also come with a new shower head seal?




20160101_203610.jpg 20160101_203617.jpg
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I would try de-scaling it first the scale may be affecting the head pattern, most shower fitting are 1/2 inch BSP with a small rubber washer to seal, so I guess they are pretty interchangeable.
Are you aware that twisting the ring (adjacent to the spray holes) provides different spray patterns? If left 1/2 way between patterns it may well dribble water everywhere.. Forgive me if you are well aware of this but not everyone is so worth a mention.
As stated, descaling may help or dismantle and clean & reassemble. Screwfix do not keep much of a choice so google "fixed shower head" and you will have plenty to choose from. Depending on available flow from shower it may well not be suitable for a head the size of a frying pan so do not let the wife choose your new shower head. The 1/2" nut at the top of the head unscrews from the fixed arm so any head with a 1/2" female thread on top (virtually all of them ) will do
Yes i know that turning it has different spray patterns, i did leave it in 2 sachets of descaler but it was for about 1 hour in hot water, after i put it back on it was still the same, infact maybe slightly worse as turning the spray part now felt much looser than before.

do you happen to know how i open this to see inside and maybe clean even better?

i assumed i would have been best getting a new one, if leaving it in descaler for an hour hasn't given any improvement may it be broke?
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Try the shower doctor , here is a list of possible parts;
Aqualisa Fixed Head - Post 1996 Shower Spares

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Spare Parts
Part Number Description
1 AQUAL-164622 Aqualisa White Shower Head Shell 164622 £33.30 AQUAL-164623 Aqualisa Chrome Shower Head Shell 164623 £45.04 AQUAL-164624 Aqualisa White Shower Head Shell (for Plastic Arm) 164624 £29.96 AQUAL-164625 Aqualisa Gold Shower Head Shell 164625 £71.21 AQUAL-164626 Aqualisa Chrome Shower Head Shell (for Plastic Arm) 164626 £40.60 AQUAL-164627 Aqualisa White/chrome Shower Head Shell 164627 £38.57 AQUAL-164628 Aqualisa Gold Shower Head Shell (for Plastic Arm) 164628 £64.07 AQUAL-164629 Aqualisa White /gold Shower Head Shell 164629 Discontinued
2 AQUAL-164613 Aqualisa Chrome Fixed Arm (Brass) 164613 £99.84 AQUAL-164615 Aqualisa Gold Fixed Arm 164615 Discontinued
2 AQUAL-164620 Aqualisa White Fixed Arm (plastic) 164620 £32.76 AQUAL-235013 Aqualisa Fixed Arm Chrome (Plastic) 235013 £18.74 AQUAL-164642 Aqualisa White Cover Plate 164642 Discontinued
3 AQUAL-164643 Aqualisa Chrome Cover Plate 164643 Discontinued
3 AQUAL-164645 Aqualisa Gold Cover Plate 164645 Discontinued
4 AQUAL-164652 Aqualisa Spigot Kit (for Plastic Arm) 164652 - 3/4" Connector £20.18 AQUAL-243601 Aqualisa Fixed Head Wall Mount Spigot 243601 - 1/2" connection £16.61 AQUAL-164509 Aqualisa - White Varispray Cassette (164509) £45.17 AQUAL-164510 Aqualisa - Chrome Varispray Cassette (164510) £49.70 AQUAL-164511 Aqualisa - Gold Varispray Cassette (164511) £62.14 AQUAL-164512 Aqualisa - White Turbostream Cassette (164512) Discontinued
6 AQUAL-164513 Aqualisa - Chrome Turbostream Cassette (164513) Discontinued
6 AQUAL-164514 Aqualisa - Gold Turbostream Cassette (164514) Discontinued
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