Can i add an extra socket to a spur?

29 Dec 2005
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United Kingdom
I have a spured socket from a double plug, this spur gpes about 3m and the fridge is plugged into it, can i add another spur from this to another double socket? Or is there nother way to get around this, as i cannot get to the ring to extend it.

It is like this now


Which can i do if any?

Ring Socket > Spur socket > Spur Socket or

I change the Ring Socket to a FSU plate so

FSU > spur > spur

Are any of these ok? or is there another way

It's a Ring

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Jbgood said:
Ring Socket > Spur socket > Spur Socket or
I change the Ring Socket to a FSU plate so

FSU > spur > spur

Or you could leave the ring socket as it is, and put an FCU between it and the first spur, like

Socket on ring -> FCU -> spur socket -> spur socket
Thanks for youe help

What is the max i can have after the FSC
Jbgood said:
Thanks for youe help

What is the max i can have after the FSC

No limit on the number of outlets, but you will be limited to 13A, and you should make sure the design load doesn't exceed that, for example, installing something like this for a washing machine and tumble dryier to be plugged into would be not a good idea, however, no problem with having this sort of arrangement behind the television to supply loads of low powered home cinema stuff.

So, cable is protected by 13A fuse, but if the 13A fuse is going to be overloaded on a regular basis (even if it doesn't blow), then the design is incorrect
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Ok at the moment the double ring does nothing, the spur that comes off that connects a Fridge/freezer and a microwave.

Now if i put

Double socket > FSU > DS* > DS**

* Feeds the Fridge/Freezer, microwave.

** New socket which will feed a phone and a laptop now and again.

So will the above be ok?
Just a thought, -would the double socket** user items pick up surge voltages from the fridge/freezer?
yes, and the microwave, but so will other sockets on the ring. and the rest of the house, to a lesser extent.
You could always plug in one of these
I will but there is a stud wall in the way, so was going to put the extension lead through the wall, but wanted a safer way if i could.

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